Happy Father's Day, Satoshi Nakamoto!

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Hats off to you for creating your dear digital crypto child, Bitcoin!

Hi Satoshi Nakamoto! Considering your Japanese name, may I wish you a very good day, Nakamoto-San? "Konnichiwa," and all my best wishes for your progressive enjoyment during the flow of the day!

I don't want to miss this opportunity to wish you a belated "Happy Father's Day" which was yesterday. Although every day is a father's day or parent's day, there is no harm celebrating a special day.

Please don't say that you forgot you are a father, single or group parent of the world's first cryptocurrency that you named Bitcoin.

  • Hats off to you for the courage to create a brave digital crypto child, which you aptly named Bitcoin! You must be proud to see your loving crypto child grows into an envious teenage fintech application.

Graphics 01: Screenshot from the Bitcoin white paper.

Why did you abandon Bitcoin as an orphan?

I am always curious to know why parents sometimes leave their children. I am not blaming you for leaving Bitcoin in the hands of a group of proud and egoist cryptographers who are blunt with a blank future vision for Bitcoin.

If you are still around, please look into the functioning of the cryptographic network of Bitcoin. Are you aware that the current Bitcoin management is going away from your objectives that you specified in the seminal white paper of Bitcoin?

Why did you have to leave Bitcoin as an orphan? Satoshi Nakamoto, your orphaned cryptocurrency has been avoiding to innovate and is still running with the age-old resources hungry Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism.

  • As a result, the network processing of Bitcoin transactions is very slow and burns enormous computational and electrical resources resulting in higher transaction fees.

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Nakamoto-San, come back and take care of your brainchild Bitcoin

Nobody knows who you are, Satoshi Nakamoto, and where you are now! You might be super-rich with a colossal holding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!

Graphics 03: Screenshot from news headlines of 2017.

I earnestly request you, Nakamoto-San, please come around and take care of your technological digital application from the current non-progressive management.

Who can take real care of your super innovative conceptual use case of Blockchain technology and distributed computing? The current management's technological competence seems to lack the needed innovation to improve.

The hard fork applications of Bitcoin, i.e., two Bitcoin Cash projects, have been doing a little bit of innovation. The Bitcoin Cash lovers are not to be blamed when they say negative words about Bitcoin.

  • Please take good care of your brainchild Bitcoin before it goes bankrupt!

Closing thoughts

It doesn't matter if Satoshi Nakamoto is a single person or a group of cryptographers. What matters is Satoshi Nakamoto's innovation in the field of cryptographic digital currency or cryptocurrency.

  • The person Satoshi Nakamoto or the co-founders of the Bitcoin project may be considered the father figure or parent of the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

  • So, Satoshi Nakamoto can take pride in creating a fascinating digital data asset called Bitcoin that can carry digital value equivalent to several fiat currencies.

All crypto lovers can wish a very "Happy Father's Day" to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Crypto lovers may also like to request Satoshi Nakamoto to come back and take responsibility for his dear digital currency, Bitcoin.

Graphics 04: I created a GIF animation using texts from my article and Photos by Kanchanara on Unsplash.


Satoshi Nakamoto might exist under a different name(s) in the real world.

Shouldn't Satoshi Nakamoto come back and take care of the future technological and financial strategies of the Bitcoin project?

Don't hesitate to share your views about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects.

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June 19, 2022

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11 months ago


I think the best action that Nakamoto do was disapear and let the destiny of Bitcoin to the comunity. That is the real spirit of descentralization.

It is like linux, everybody go and use the distribution that most like or most acomplish his desires.

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7 months ago

Not exactly:) The person or the group is very much present in the background with their totalitarian ownership of the coin, and who knows, maybe more than 50 percent of BTC holdings!

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7 months ago

Well I think leaving the project under the hands of other people and going fully anonymous wasn't really a bad idea.

You know if he was known during the early stages of Bitcoin dominance it would have put too much pressure on him.

He has done well by introducing the first cryptocurrency to the world, it is left for others coins to break off from the shackle of Bitcoin.

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11 months ago

I am sure the same "Satoshi Nakamoto" group has been controlling Bitcoin since its inception. The vanishing act was a business ploy to create more hype to sell Bitcoin. My article is an open reminder to the administrators of the Bitcoin project.

Thanks for spending your valuable time and the comment.

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11 months ago

Happy Father's day Satoshi Nakamoto. I hope your celebration is happy.

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11 months ago

Thank you. It is remainder to Satoshi Nakamoto for taking care of his teenage child Bitcoin.

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11 months ago