Freedom and Independence

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What is there in freedom and independence?

Have you seen how the birds live? They build nests in trees, and sometimes in the corners of a balcony of urban homes. The birds get frightened when humans come near to them. But, they enjoy freedom in their entire life.

  • The birds are free to live wherever they feel appropriate. There are no totalitarian birds or ruler birds who dictate to other birds where to live and how to live.

Freedom is a birthright. Every living being has got the fundamental right to enjoy freedom. They have the right to choose how would they would live and enjoy independence.

Most countries have sovereign governments, but the freedom of the common mass is at stake in different parts of the globe.

But, the pets, some animals and humans, are not free at all.

We have to disregard the pet birds and pet animals who are kept captive by humans as companions similar to other living utilities. The pet animals are not having the freedom to live.

  • There are also humans who are qualified, educated, and well-placed in their lives, yet they fall into the traps of the rulers, i.e., the presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers, and other powerful administrative government officials.

These so-called educated civil society members love to be the pets or puppets of the ruling political parties. These pet humans get financial gains in terms of awards, rewards, honorariums, and other hefty parks.

  • These paid puppets propagate the fake narratives of the ruling governments.

Both the pet animals and the pet civil society members are not free and independent. They love their captive lives inside or outside the cages. They are chained by their masters!

August 15th is celebrated as independence day in India.

  • Undivided India was tortured and looted by the so-called civilized British rulers for almost 200 years! They stole trillions and trillions of dollars worth of wealth from India and many small things like the Kohinoor diamond that now rests in the crown of their queen as proof of their stealing act!

The British thieves finally left India free in 1947. But, with a final blow by injecting the poison of communalism. The British partitioned undivided India into two sovereign parts on the basis of religion - one part as Pakistan, a Muslim country, and the other part as India, a Secular country that embraced every religion with equality.

  • The core of democracy in India is providing equal opportunity to all citizens, irrespective of language, religion, ethnicity, dialects, and culture, etc.

  • As we celebrate 75 years of India's independence, it is time to reflect on where we came, where we are, and where we are going.

Video Source: My Odysee content of August 15, 2022.

Bringing it altogether

  • Freedom is our birthright.

  • Humans and other non-human animals have equal living rights.

There are privileged educated humans, the so-called civil society, who have become pets or paid servants of the ruling political parties, almost everywhere in the world. These paid pet humans help governments propagate narratives.

  • India and Pakistan have been existing as sovereign nations since August 1947.

  • It is time to reflect on where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going to place ourselves in the coming days.

Let us enjoy our independence and render our respective jobs wholeheartedly.

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Unite and Empower Humanity.

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Aug 15, 2022

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Happy independence day to you may friend. The others make the bird as pets but for me that should not be done even though they say they are taking care of it and feed them properly.. Because they are not free on what they want to do they are just in their cage eating and sleeping.

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1 year ago

Thanks for your frank comment. Birds don't have any option when they are forcefully caged. But, some educated people, play for the ruling political parties by taking awards/rewards from the governments. They are evil because they become pets of the governments by their evil choice.

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1 year ago

The partition of caused a lot of people to leave their home land and resulted into ethnic and religious clashes.

Gandhi wanted a unified nation, but some politicians opposed it.

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1 year ago

Yes, partition caused a large number of people to suffer. Some political leaders wanted separation because they wanted to become prime ministers of their respective parts. Gandhi didn't actively protest. His image is projected as a very noble person. In reality, he was the opposite.

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1 year ago

Happy independence day 🥰 Your writing are amazing yes some bird's aren't free at all they deserve open space to fly but they're in cages, some human or animal are too not have freedoms. But 75 year's ago our national heroes free us as a nation 💕 people who have same mindset live in one place. And our heroes did struggle for it ❤️

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1 year ago

Thanks for commenting. I mentioned those people as paid puppets (chained pets) of the government who blindly support the ruling political party to propagate fake propaganda.

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1 year ago

Happy 75 independence day My friend.

No doubt, Independence is the biggest blessing for us. So, let's unite to make progress for our countries.

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1 year ago

Let us responsibly enjoy freedom, protect independence, and do every work sincerely. I appreciate for spending both time and BCH to support my post.

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1 year ago

Your freedom fighters taught us an important lesson. Never give up hope, no matter how reliable the scenario. Happy Independence Day!

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1 year ago

I appreciate your valuable time and support. Let us enjoy freedom in our respective lives by executing every job with responsibility.

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1 year ago