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8 months ago
  • The ReadCash blogging community is so pleased after seeing that the platform's algorithmic random reward is back.

But most of the bloggers left the platform when the RR bot went into hibernation after delivering its last tip a couple of months ago!

  • Let me share my frank views about blogging and support by the platform.

Which blogs should the platform support?

  • It is true whoever posts blogs contribute in terms of time and effort.

Every blogger expects support from the platform and from the blogging community.

  • There are plenty of rant writers who collected high random airdrops and still hope to get high algorithmic tips.

<> It is debatable which blogs should get the blogging platform's support.

I look forward to those bloggers who take the time to post interesting and meaningful articles, especially those that add some value to the readers' time.

Is random airdrop support the best possibility?

  • There is a need to discuss who would support bloggers.

The platform is most likely to come forward with support for the blogs because they need to attract new bloggers.

<> They also need good writers to continue with their publishing platform.

  • How should the platform support the bloggers?

  • Should the platform's support be random airdrops?

I don't hesitate to write that I am not in favor of random airdrop support. In my humble views, the platform's support should be authentic and finite.

Support from the blogging platform could be finite.

  • The blogs that get more engagement should get more support.

Engagement of a blog means the number of views, comments, and replies to the comments.

  • The platform's algorithmic support on a blog should be proportional to the blog's overall engagement. The more the blog's engagement, the more the platform should support.

In other words, the platform's algorithm may be tuned to pour finite support as per the engagement on the blogs.

Let's expect finite engagement and support.

Writing is the job of the blogger. That is what we do here.

  • Try to select interesting and meaningful topics.

  • Let's expect finite engagement on our blogs.

And expect some finite support on our blogs.

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Mar 19, 2023

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8 months ago
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The people are slowly noising again even here in read.cash, in few weeks time we think that more of updates are coming up on the surface!

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8 months ago

Noise should not yield sufficient rewards if the new algorithm is improved. If the system uses the same old pseudo-random airdrop supporting all bloggers that vomit rants, the result of the platform would be the same!

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8 months ago

What improvements would you consider they can do instead of random airdrop?

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8 months ago

Support MUST be directly proportional to the article's overall engagement (number of views, comments, and replies to comments).

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8 months ago

A, yeah we don't know how really it works. Since some says are using "bots" 🤣.

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8 months ago

It is easy for a program (bot) because they have all the analytics data of the articles.

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8 months ago