A Cure For All Ailments

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Living a healthy life doesn't just stop at eating well, or at seeking medical attention when one is ill.

How many a people have all the food they can get on their tables, and can afford the best of medical facilities but are not healthy?

Overall health entails our bodies, minds and souls. Is the mind and soul the same? That's a question you should try answering.

If the body is fine but the mind isn't, there's an imbalance. Same as if the mind is fine but the body isn't.

To live a life filled with cheerfulness, these two attributes almost always have to be together.

But the health of the mind is a stronger determinant of our happiness. You could find some sick men, women, or children who are happier than other physically healthy men, women or children. What could be the possible cause of this?


If the president of one country would be content with his rule over his own country, and leave off looking at what other countries have that his doesn't have, there would have been more peace than there currently is around the globe. Is there even peace around the globe?

Wait... Do you even know that sometimes you may see someone having something "you think is better than everything you have" but when you look closely at that person, you'll find out that they probably don't have something which you've been given.

Take for instance, some people have all the luxury rides, comfy houses, and power, but they might not have a peaceful home. Then if you, who has a peaceful home but are poor, compares yourself with them, wouldn't you think you've never been offered a bounty your entire life?

Those people who are physically sick, but you still find them in a state of calmness and happiness are content with the situation in which they have found themselves, hence they've attained inner peace which cannot be compared to anything else.

This kind of peace that contentment brings about is what gives life to those citizens in countries where wars have turned dust, cities that once stood tall. Contentment is what keeps the poor man (who's got nothing to feed his family with) going.

The Way Out?

Most happenings in our lives are not under our control and failure to understand this is an ailment which doesn't only leave the mind in an unhealthy state, it also makes the body dwell in decay of pain. And yes, there are those who even go to the extent of committing suicide because they have failed to understand that certain things are not in their control and that some things are better left the way they are.

When we become ignorant of or turn a blind eye towards this simple fact, we seek to force life happenings to be subservient and we end up with nothing but frustration.

I'm sure you agree with me that frustration is an unhealthy state of the mind, and it could lead to destruction if not countered.

The one mutual thing that can bring peace to most, if not all parts of the world is understanding that there is a Supreme Being who is in control of all affairs and that whatever He destines is for the best of everyone of us. Understanding this grants the body, mind and soul true health and happiness.

Understanding that we have little power and appreciating that little power we have without misusing it is a form of contentment – a cure for all ailments.

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