Goal Achievement Secrets To Success Part #1 The AGAP

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QUESTION: Why are so many people failing at goal-achievement?

Answer: Large numbers of people never achieve successful goal-accomplishment due to the AGAP Ante Goal Accomplishment Period. At this time 92% of people who set goals never experience basking in the sunshine of success. Instead these goal-setting wishful thinkers are falling short, feeling the agony of defeat a short time after starting on their journey.

Introduction To The "AGAP" and "GAF"

First to get a full understanding of the data be sure to read the article “A Problem Worth Solving”.

What is the AGAP?

The AGAP or Ante Goal-Accomplishment Period is the all important time period before an individual sees any chance or sign of actually accomplishing a set-goal. This is one of the most critical times in the goal-achievement phase after goal-setting. Because the AGAP is where most people quit the goal-attainment process. We've all been there, that point when your brain says if there isn't the slightest positive change, I'm Out.

This is where the mind wants to give up the most and said, what's the point? I QUIT... The AGAP does not care about motivation or accountability factors. It only cares about a way out or an observable positive difference. AGAP is the place where the mind looks for safety from failure. The AGAP tell you that it's better to quit than to experience the hurt and harm of non-achievement.

Goal-Accomplishment is a stepping stone and should never be thought of as an end point on the journey of life. The fact of the matter is, there are no end points to goal achievement, as one perceived end point is just the beginning of another. Goal-Accomplishment helps us to reach points along the journey which lets our mind know we are making progress. These progression points are much needed to achieve the next level of success along the way.

When a goal is achieved it's like jumping over one hurdle in a much longer race. Jumping one hurdle only leads to the next and another after that. Once a hurdle is completed the mind shifts its focus to the next task, which is completing the upcoming hurdle jump successfully. There are other runners on the same track as you and they can be a distraction if you let them. Some of these other runners can be positive motivation while others act as negative motivation. As long as you focus on the finish line these distractions are only temporary.

Distractions are a huge part of Goal-Achievement Failure GAF. At every turn of the goal-attainment journey to accomplish a set-goal there are many distractions. These distractions at the very least delay the process of set-goal attainment and many times lead to quitting all together. Remaining focused and on track is paramount to the achievement of a set-goal. GAF often leads to questioning self-worth and even depression in some cases. Many people do not handle failure well and this adds to negative emotions and feelings of lack. Changing ones mindset around GAF can help smooth the goal-accomplishment journey.

Thinking of Goal-accomplishment Failure as simply a part of the journey, a way to get stronger at hurdling is a smart way to look at the full process. Truly in the grand scheme of life failure is insignificant unless it is made to be major issue by the mind. Some people carry their failures as a heavy load which eventually breaks them. It would never be a good idea to attempt to jump hurdles while carrying a 100 pound backpack, right? So why carry past failures around? Let them go and move on.



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