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9 Quick Tips To Go From A Crypto Small Fish To A Giant Whale

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2 months ago

Satoshi Nakamoto likely created the Bitcoin blockchain to flip the Whales of the world aka the Global Elites on their heads. The average buyer of Bitcoin does not have the power alone to make a dent in the new money markets of cryptocurrency, but together are a force to be reckoned with, easily. This is why it's so important for the small fish of the world to HODL, HODL, HODL their cryptocurrency. As the Bitcoin and Alt-coin crypto markets move Whales will continue to work their manipulation magic on the value of money in the market. Whales don't want to lose their places on the world stage of money, therefore the ultra-wealthy will do almost anything to maintain they stay at the top of the heap as kings of the sea. The Little Guy's, the Small Fish investor's are in a position like never before in history, having the power to make a difference in their life, but only if we remain strong. What does it mean to "remain strong" when discussing new money markets, and creating personal wealth in today's time? Wealth creation is easier than ever before, due to the ease of trading cryptocurrency from any computer or smart phone. The doors are wide open for the little guy or girl to trade cryptocurrency like the giants who run the stock exchanges throughout the world. Cryptocurrency has created a space where the financial playing field is more even in which Small Fish and Whales trade money alike.

I'm sure you've seen the memes where the little fish of the sea band together to make themselves look like a giant fish, to gobble up the more dangerous hunters of the sea. This can be a very true representation of the new crypto money if all the little fish are brave enough to stick together amongst and against the more intimidating sharks. The sharks or whales as they are referred to in the crypto market use intimidation and posturing to create fear in the hearts and minds of the little fish. If the little fish become fearful they will separate and scatter moving in different directions. What makes this type of small fish behavior occur in the cryptocurrency market? When investment whales use government agencies like the SEC to implement strong regulations on the crypto exchanges, little fish sell their crypto and leave the market in fear. The whale investor's then hurry in to gobble up the vacated coins in the market. Because whales hold enormous amounts of cash at their disposal it's easier for them to swoop in to pick up the pieces left behind by the small fish.

The way to keep the giant whales at bay is to stand together as small fish and hold on to as much crypto as possible, for as long as possible. The economical flipping cannot happen if the small fish are easily shaken and run away from the new money market at the slightest signs of trouble. The Uber-wealthy loves control, and they show their love for control by dictating rules and unlawful acts against the rest of society. The people outside of the circles of the Elites show their allegiance to their position of poverty by continually scattering when intimidated by the big fish. Reluctant acceptance is still acceptance in the eyes of the Global Elite Whales. Because investment whales don't think like you and me, Whales tend to believe you and I don't belong in their circles of finance. Thus whale investor's think that the only place for the small fish is in the small pond where they will be safe. If you substitute the word "safe" for "controlled" you've gotten the idea. The Small Fish must start behaving like the Whales. Regular people must began taking risks that an investment Whale would take in life. Cryptocurrency trading has given the Little Guy, the Small Fish the opportunity to think like a Whale, and take financial risk suitable for a small fish. The difference is that crypto markets have been growing so quickly that loads of Small Fish are slowly but surely becoming Whales.

So how do you become a Big Fish in the crypto market?

1. You can start by taking small risk and investing just outside of your comfort level. No Risk, No Reward is a true principle used by almost every giant Whale. It's true. You could lose and end up with nothing or less than what you started with, but at least you took the chance. On the other hand you could very well win and Win Big!

2. HODL, Hold On for Dear Life, when the crypto markets scare the hell out of you. Here's a fact for you. No one who has HODL'd has ever lost money in Bitcoin. You'd better believe the whales of the world are holding longer to see what the markets will do in the long run.

3. Don't run away from the market at the first sign of a dip.

4. Don't give up your crypto to the whales waiting in the wings, for you to be fearful enough to sell your bag of coins.

5. Buy the dips in the market to bolster your position and make more money in the longterm.

6. Hone your skills at understanding and trading the crypto markets.

7. Invest in projects that you believe in, and be sure to read the projects whitepaper.

8. Hold your own secret keys to your crypto wallet/s, and avoid KYC's. Not holding the keys to your crypto wallet is like giving someone else permission over your bank volt. You wouldn't trust someone you don't know with the keys to your house would you? Of Course Not! So why would you trust anyone with the private secure key to your wallet account.

9. Be wise, not emotional about your interactions with the crypto market and your finances overall. Remember this, the government no matter what country you are from is always trying to separate you from your money in one way or another.

You can take this article for a grain of salt or take it to heart, it's up to you. Either way your money is ultimately the responsibility of you and you alone.

Article by Michaelson Williams; Editor-n-Chief

MMAP Magazine

Reference: Crypto News Alerts

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Written by   296
2 months ago
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That's some wise advice. I do believe in holding, have some dogecoin in my wallet. hahaha But sure, buying in the deep, observing the market, and trusting your own action helps a lot. I'm not a whale but maybe one day. Thanks for the writing.

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2 months ago

I'd like to be a whale too. If the antidote is to HODL then, I will be just there.

I still have my fears for crypto though, so I don't get to put all my resources into it.

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2 months ago

Very pertinent points, following most of them. Still a small fish but hoping to grow by next market cycle.

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2 months ago