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11 things we must know

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4 months ago
January 09, 2022  08:50
Sunday morning vibes


Hello! Everyone, today with all of your support I am going to write my twenty-first article. And I am pleased to write it.

As the article says it is something about some key things which we must know, and here we start.

  1. Things that excite you:

    As a part of our consciousness, we should always be aware be about what things get us into energetic mode and the things which turn us off and we do not feel any excitement doing those things.

  2. Reason for procrastination:

    Everyone procrastinates no matter how much disciplined they are sometimes the life scenarios of ours give rise to the way for our procrastination and sometimes we do it ourselves. Anyways. once I read in a book that procrastination is just a term actually no one procrastinates it's all about giving priority to a certain work for example: If we need to pee we won't procrastinate as it becomes our priority to pee and similarly all things come according to priority but few elements do not know how to prioritise.

  3. Needs from the relationship: If we get into a relationship with anyone whether it's friendship or dating someone we must ensure we are not getting up used to a friendship and we must work towards what is workable in our relationships.

  4. The response towards stress:

    That's one of the crucial things no one's life is full of roses and blooms everyone gets ups and downs and as human being who is considered emotional creature we must be conscious of how we face the stresses and problems we face in our life or we run away from them.

  5. Weakness:

    Since I have done my self-introspection I am very clear when I am saying this that it is one of the key things to know about yourselves (the weakness) part because if you do not know what are your weak areas then how would you plan to improve your those areas and your life ultimately.

  6. Strengths:

    Like being aware of our weakness we must also heed our strengths and those strengths are the ones that boost our confidence and enhance our charms in those areas when we get into that thing.

  7. Your values:

    What you value in your life is an important thing like many people on this platform have already mentioned in their article that money is not an essential thing of our or the possession of materialistic things to remain happy in your life. You must know that at the end of the day it's the families, friends, affection, and love is that makes us really happy therefore we need to know this.

  8. Are you an early bird or an own:

    Everyone's capability is best defined when they work in their own comfort for example if you tell a person who likes to study at the night to study in the day then that person will not be that focussed and vice versa. So, find out if you are a morning person or night person and work according to that.

  9. Things that make you happy:

    Of course, the things that make us happy we tend to repeat those things and they definitely increase our charms while we are doing those things and therefore we love doing them.

  10. Frustration:

    When you get frustrated is also a thing which we must know as of our consciousness when we are going to lose the attention and are losing our temper and when that happens we sometimes end up saying things or doing things which we regret perhaps later so it's advisable to control yourself when you are getting frustrated. The best method to do that is practicing 4-square method i'e' 4 seconds breathe-in, 4 seconds hold, 4 seconds breathe out, 4 seconds hold, and repeat the process you will feel relaxed. I actually practice it.

  11. Your needs in your life:

    We must keep in our mind what are the things we want in our lives and for that what are we willing to sacrifice so that our life does not seem so unpredictable and circumstantial. We are intelligent creatures let us not waste that talent.

I am interested in learning if you can add more points in the comment box.

Thank you and have a pleased sunday.

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Written by   121
4 months ago
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And you have written about steps too? Different from me but more valuable. Appreciate it.

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

To me, urinatinating is a nature call which all human being must respond to voluntarily or involuntarily. You can choose not to drink water but the effect is always negative too. Not responsible to nature call

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4 months ago

There is so much to learn in our lives. These are very important. Well said. Some things I already knew, some new things I learned.

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4 months ago

I learned a lot from you too))

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4 months ago

Every steps are fantastic and marvelous...we should remember all points and have to use this in our daily life to prosper .

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4 months ago

thanks mate

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4 months ago