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Marry Someone Whose Real Weight You Can Carry Till Death Do You Part.

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1 year ago

One of my neighbors where I work has a cute adorable little daughter,

Six months of exclusive baby friendly has left this little girl quite Chubby.

The first thing that would come to your mind when you see this little child would be to carry her.

So cute, cute smile, chubby cheeks and all.

But then after a minute or two of holding her, you wlll begin to notice her weight,

Your hand would begin to grow weary, weak, soon you'll be numb in that hand,

You'll probably switch her to the second hand, in another five minutes your both hands will be crying for freedom and salvation.

You'll be very quick to hand her over to any other person around, and where there is none you'll simply return her to her mom (who will not be very quick to take her from you)

The next time you visit, between me and you, you will think twice before you carry the baby. I assure you.


You see,

Just as anyone who sees that cute baby for the first time will be so eager to hold her, and after having a feel of her real weight become eager to hand her back to her mom

So also when it comes to Relationships

When we meet people for the first time, or first start a relationship

They seem so easy going from afar,

The attraction is high

We are elated, excited and feel so alive

A few dates at very nice locations,

They behave well on dates and when they visit

Everything is so nice and perfect

We are so happy to be with someone

We flaunt them all over the place, telling all who care to listen we are "in a Relationship"

Especially where they are good looking

BUT as time goes on, we begin to feel their weight on our hands

As the Relationship progresses, we start noticing their real weight

Their financial weights,

Their spiritual weights,

Their emotional weight,

Their character weights

How they are impatient, stubborn, violent,

how they have anger issues, proud, authoritative, unforgiving, intolerant, insufferable... Etc

And then we start seeking to return back to our initial freedom, we start wishing we could drop them.


Hear Me

Do not be in a hurry to say I DO to anybody till you have felt their weight and it is something you can carry for the rest of your life.


Do not be in a hurry to skip friendship and jump into courtship, and skip courtship to the ship of Marriage...


Get to know them first

Hang around them for a little longer to see how you fare with their weight aside from their looking good and adorable

Time always reveals peoples real weight,


Do not be in a Hurry

You'll never know the real weight of people till you have carried them for a while.

Prayerfully Study and observe People before you commit to anything with them

Reduce your "had I known"

Marriage is a life time commitment

Don't rush into it or you may just find yourself rushing out.


Marry someone whose real weight you can carry till death do you part.


Thanks for reading

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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