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Reminder: Bitcoin Cash does not have a blocksize-limit in its consensus rules.

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4 months ago

This is your friendly regular reminder that the blocksize limit was removed from the consensus rules on August 2017 with the following statement in the original BCH spec;

the client shall enforce that the "fork EB" is configured to at least 8,000,000 (bytes)

Notice the word configured here, this is a user-configured size. Very different from a consensus rule. The term EB backs that up because this is the BU-invented abbreviation for "Excessive Block". This is the user-configurable size that blocks are deemed too big (excessive).

Notice the same "EB" being listed in the 'bitcoin cash node versions' table on where according to a later upgrade that 8MB was changed to a 32MB default setting.

People sometimes still talk about us needing a protocol upgrade for block-size-limits in one form or another. Please realize that any rule we add to manage the block-size-limit makes Bitcoin Cash less free. It makes the block size limit again open to consensus discussions and such proposals can lead to chain forks based on such discussions.

Bitcoin Cash has a block-size limit that is completely open to the free market with size limits being imposed by technical capabilities and actual usage only.

I vastly prefer the open market deciding the limits, which is what we have today. I hope this is enough for others too.

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I agree with you, I prefer that he remain free.

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4 months ago