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Cash vs. credit card payments

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7 months ago

Cash vs. credit card payments

Hello everyone in

I'm a Generation X person and I must say that Cash was King when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's. You've always wanted to keep at least ২০ 20 for your person - if possible - (I love more, but I still don't have a winning lottery ticket).

What the situation is is not considered.

Do you need a cab at 3am? (Obviously no big deal with Ridershare right now) Are you starving for pizza or hamburgers? Do you "nicely" tell the truck driver not to pull his car, yes? It always helps to have cash on hand and everyone is happy to receive it

How things have changed for me

I bought a rideshare a few months ago and the rent is about 15 15. I didn't make any changes so I gave the guy a 5 (tips bigger than I can usually make 15 15 but I don't have a small bill in my bag)

Now - please give me a note here - I've worked in the "service industry" for years (for those who aren't familiar - it's a waiter, bartender, etc.) and I've always wanted cash. I like to get cash tips and I felt much more efficient at earning cash than a credit card tip (plus it was in my pocket - immediately)

Okay, so I give this guy 5 5 and he looks at me like "edu" (another note - it's PRE covid) and says - "I hate cash, it's hard to count hard you just can't leave it ? App? "কখন When do people get too lazy to calculate their money? 3

It really blew my mind. I understand that payment mobility has changed as a priority for credit card payments over the last 20 years, but don't young people realize that they pay the fees associated with this payment? I understand PayPal / Venmo / Cash application - it has free options and it is quite instant.

If you run a business of any kind, will people not realize that they are paying a fee (I've seen up to 4%)? Also, merchants pay those fees and they can really add.

Are our banks conditioned to be rich and "away" cash unwanted?

My Magic 8 ball says "probably". Oh and by the way - anyone who is so tired of counting their cash - email me, I can count just fine.

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Written by   64
7 months ago
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