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Finding A Niche

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1 month ago

Perhaps our biggest problem lies in finding a niche.

In own words, a niche could be a specific task an individual derives joy doing. A niche could also be an environment where a person thrives better.

Why do I need a niche?

You may think you do not need to find a niche. Your life might be pleasing at the moment, and you still feel you're not in a niche whereas you're in one. Where you dwell, doing what you love the most is your current niche.

Like I said in the definition of a niche "in my own words" we all need a niche to find peace, comfort, love and other pleasing articles. Simply put you need a niche so as to live a fulfilled life.

Either directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly you'll find yourself in a niche. Your workplace, your home, your school, your community, your family and your activities are all examples of a niche.

How do I join a niche?

You do not necessarily need to join every niche. We are members of some niche naturally. For example, our family, as long as we are related by blood then we are in the same niche. Another good example is your workplace. You do the same work with a group of people. Yourself and those people (your colleagues) are also in the same niche.

You can join other niche by simply developing interest in what is being done in that niche. If you want to be a sprinter, you have to develop interest in sprinting and also practice it from time to time. Once you've developed that interest, then you're already in the niche for sprinters.

We can't compare a niche to a club or society, though it may look relatable but a niche is much more than that. So a niche can't be called a club or a society.

Benefits of A Niche

  • A niche makes an individual to develop interest in other activities.

  • It gives joy and happiness. Since Individuals choose their respective niche themselves, then they're always happy in that niche.

  • Freedom; being in a niche gives you the freedom to do things beyond our imagination.

  • A niche gives comfort.

  • A niche helps to foster the bond between individuals of different ethnicity and race.

  • A niche is a huge determinant in an individual quest for success.

  • A niche helps to build ones mental strength and also create awareness.

  • It breeds members with like minds, thereby making it easier to accomplish or achieve a goal or project.

Finding the right niche to join might be very difficult because as humans our wants are insatiable. Whereas ones niche is often linked to ones passion and perspective of life. Inorder to succeed in our niche, we must be specific about our choice of interest and most importantly the kind of activities involved in such niche.




Thank you for reading.

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Written by   9
1 month ago
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