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Beautiful but Sad Memories

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1 year ago

It was in my 1st year of college when I my eyes caught by her. Her sweetest smile and dimples on. Eyes are so glassy and bright that I dreamt that I would only be on her sight. At first I didnt know that she was so humble and shy, to be honest my first impression was the opposite.

As a man I took the first move on her, but not as manly as I could because I was also shy to talk to her face to face.

I have a friends who were her classmate. I asked them what was Her name. And then immediately find her on facebook.

I composed myself and took the courage to chat her. And then suddenly she replied.

It was a heaven feel like that the one you like is getting closer to you. But it was that moment that I discovered that she has a boyfriend.

I ignored that she has a boyfriend. And continued to be along with her.

We first met and be together when I presented to go with her to buy her jogging pants for her P.E subject. And after that I drop her off on her dormitory.

So many things happened and talked about. Knowing each others dreams and thoughts. Feelings have begun to go deep.

Then one day, I asked her if she loves me. The only reply I got from that moment was a "si". I didnt no what that means and later I found out late what that word means.

She distanced herself from me. Maybe she realized that our love was wrong that she has a boyfriend. It was very hard time for me that she, in an instant, disappeared in my life. She never had a conversation to me after that day.

Then this day happened. When they went to her classmates home for them to celebrate a birthday. A tragic event occured.

A 16ft wave rised and wipe them out at the beach as they are taking selfies and photos. Many are injured and the saddest part was she was found dead at that beach 😭😭

For a flash of time, she was gone totally on our lives.

It was a painful day.

That no one wants to happen.

She died 😔😭

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1 year ago
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