Betting advice: Argentina (Messi) vs Croatia (Modric): odds between 2.9 and 3.35

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5 months ago

Strange to write a World Cup football related post when it is freezing here. Normally we are at the start of the summer, now we are only a few days away from winter.
Started with 32, now only 4 countries do remain. Today Argentina and Croatia will be facing each other. And the winner will have a shot at the trophy, while the loser is forced to play the unneeded game for third and fourth place.

Regardless of the outcome of this game, we can only have respect for Croatia. A country with around 4M people. Last world cup they were runner-up and this one at least 4th! Amazing. The question is how this team will be without Modric. But he is still here, he is playing. And while not seen in the stats, he is the start of every attack. The brains of the team and so much more!

On the other side we do have Messi, searching for the trophy he is still missing. The World Cup. It would be strange to have one of the best footballers ever, not having a World Cup on their name. That would be like Tiger Woods never winning a major, Hamilton never a world championship or even Michael Jordan without a ring! Can you imagine this! Beside the World Cup, he literally won everything he could win! His trophy room could be bigger than my house! But this one is still lacking.

We all, besides fans of Croatia and Morocco, do hope on a final between Argentina and France but it even could turn out into a final between Croatia and Morocco.
Argentina should know by now, that one is never finished with Croatia. They keep on coming back. So they will have to start powerful and score at least before half time! The longer it stays 0-0, the more chance I do see for Croatia!
Both team did need penalties to get into the semi-final.

The odds!

If we do look at the odds, Argentina is the favorite but not by a lot. 1.9 For an Argentinian win, 3.4 for a draw and 4.9 if you do expect that Croatia does win in regular time.

The over, which could be possible, stand on 2.44

Argentina to score in the first half on 1.98.

Messi to score on 2.28.
On real good bets in my opinion, but I am looking for more.
To bad, Betfury doesn't have a betbuilder. Otherwise I would have gone for a win for Argentina, with more than 2.5 goals in the game and Messi to score!

Messi to score and a win for Argentina stands on 2.9. But Argentina and over 2.5 goes for 3.35.
Hard to decided between the 2. So I will bet both. If one is a winner, I will have my money back!

All bets are placed using this bookie!

Good luck,

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