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Weekly Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge - Scavenger

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3 months ago

In this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge, we have been tasked to fight a match using ANY "Scavenge" capable monster. As soon as I saw this week's challenge, I knew that I wanted to use Ant Miners. Ant Miners is one of my favorite Scavenge monsters because it costs only 2 Mana to play, gains +1 health any time a monster is knocked out of the fight, and, in contrast to other "Scavenge" capable monster like Gelatinous Cube, Ant Miners has an attack of its own.

The Lineup

This match was fought with only 12 Mana points which meant that I had to be especially careful with every monster that I chose and allocate my precious Mana carefully. In first position, I decided to play Living Lava. I thought that his "Shield" ability would help him withstand damage from enemy attacks and that his high health and armor would allow him to stay in the fight and whittle down the opponent's team.

In second spot, I played Furious Chicken. Although Furious Chicken is always a great monster to play, he had an added benefit in this match. I knew that as soon as Furious Chicken was knocked out of the fight, Ant Miners would gain a +1 health boost from the Scavenge ability.

In last spot, I played Ant Miners. In order to maximize his "Scavenge" ability, I played Ant Miners at the rear of my formation. My plan was that keeping him at the rear of the formation would allow him to slowly build up his health by scavenging health as monsters were knocked out from both teams. By time he reached the front lines, I was hoping he would have at least 6 health and be able to finish off the remainder of the opponent's team.

The Match

As soon as I saw the opponent's lineup, I knew that this would be a rough match. In some of the lower Mana cap matches, you have to make a decision between playing a few strong monsters, or a lot of average monsters. Although Living Lava was a strong monster, he simply couldn't stand up to the combined attacks of the opponent's team.

Although Ant Miners had a strong amount of health moving into the first position, he was quickly eliminated due to being attacked simultaneously by Fallen Specter and Twisted Jester.

Analysis of "Scavenge" Ability

Overall, I think the scavenge ability can be a great ability when it is properly employed. Some "Scavenge" monsters like Gelatinous Cube seem to do well in the first position. One of my favorite strategies when playing with the Death Splinter is to Play Gelatinous cube in first position and allow him to absorb damage while I have a lot of Magic monsters attack the opponent's team from relative safety. On the other hand, "Scavenge" monsters like Ant Miners are better suited to the rear of the formation so they can gain a lot of health before moving into first spot and unleashing their Melee attacks.


Overall, I was proud of the way my team fought in the match. We did miss Haunted Specter twice which I think certainly impacted the outcome of the battle, but that is also to be expected as Haunted Specter has very high speed AND the "Flying" ability that makes it very hard to hit.

As always, its great to take part in the challenges and try out new strategies. If you have never tried Splinterlands, I'd encourage you to try it. You can get started for free, or watch my battle replay here

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3 months ago
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