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Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge - Electric Eels

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2 months ago
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Every week I look forward to the Share Your Battle Challenges because I never know what monster the team will pick. Will it be a monster that I already know and love using, or will it be a new monster that I have never heard of. Well, in this week's challenge I am in luck because we get to use Electric Eels which is a monster that I don't own. In addition to getting to complete the Battle Challenge this week, I also got to test out the Splinterlands rental system which worked like a charm!

The Lineup

After renting Electric Eels (see the video if you don't know how to rent cards), I was able to jump right into a 23 Mana match using the standard ruleset. With 23 Mana, I chose to put Demented Shark in first position. Demented Shark is a good first position monster that has high health and a decent amount of armor, but the real reason I played him in first position was so that his "Inspire" ability could give a +1 Melee attack boost to my team.

In second spot, I put Electric Eels, I like playing a "Reach" capable monster in second spot as it can fright from second spot while also being able to keep doing damage if it moves into first spot.

I know that I play Furious Chicken basically every match and you're probably tired of reading about it in the share your battle challenges, but it's just such a great monster that can cause the opponent to waste their attacks, so I put Furious Chicken in third spot.

In fourth position, I played Creeping Ooze. As with Furious Chicken, this is a great monster that sees a lot of play time in my lineup. For only 1 Mana, it slows down the entire enemy team and makes it more likely that I can get in a first round attack. In a close match, the difference between attacking first and second can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so Creeping Ooze is always a great monster to have on your side.

In fifth position, I played Captain's Ghost. Not only does he have a strong magic attack and high health, but playing Alric Stormbringer as my summoner meant that the Captain's magic attack was increased from 2 to 3 making him even more powerful than normal.

With just a few Mana left, I decided to play Ice Pixie. Ice Pixie is a great, low Mana monster that I can always count on when I have a few Mana left and want to fill out my lineup a bit more. As with Captain's Ghost, Ice Pixie also got a +1 boost to her magic attack making here even more potent than normal.

The Match

Heading into the match, I felt that I had a pretty strong team. I had Alric Stormbringer giving my magic monsters a +1 magic boost while I had Demented Shark giving me a +1 melee boost. I didn't play any ranged monsters which worked out awesome because my opponent played Contesssa LAment as their summoner which meant that her -1 Ranged debuff was basically wasted since I played no monsters that she could debuff. Although my opponent fought hard, they were simply overpowered by the strong combination of magic and melee monsters on my team and we were able to carry the victory.

Analysis of Electric Eels

Although I enjoyed playing this match with Electic Eels, it is a card that I don't own, so I have to step back and ask myself if it is a card that I would like to include in my collection. When I think about it, Electric Eels has good health for a relatively low mana cost, and I do like the reach ability. That being said, I already do have a strong "Reach" monster in my collection with Wave Runner and I find the comparison between the two cards interesting.

Wave Runner does have a stronger attack but slightly lower health. On top of that Wave Runner costs and additional Mana point to play. Normally the difference of one Mana isn't a huge deal, and I consider a 6 vs 7 Mana card more or less equal. BUT the difference between a 4 and 5 Mana monster is huge because a 4 Mana monster can be used in the Little League ruleset whereas a monster that costs 5 Mana can not. I think that Electric Eels would do absolutely fantastic in a Little League ruleset and is probably one of its greatest strengths.


As always, it is great to take part in new challenges and try out new monsters. I haven't completely decided if I will purchase Electric Eels yet or not, but it was fun using it in the match. As always, I'd like to encourage you to check out Splinterlands and consider playing the game or check out my match replay here

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2 months ago
Topics: Blogging
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