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Splinterlands Releases NEW NFT Cards, Colonize Mars Updates, and More!!

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1 month ago
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Splinterlands has once again delighted players with the announcement that they are releasing 21 NEW REWARDS cards that players can begin earning on Monday, September 13th. Not only has Splinterlands teased the release of their upcoming reward cards, but they have also given us a sneak peak at two monsters from the upcoming Chaos Legion booster packs. In this post, I'll cover all the latest Splinterlands news as well as some Colonize Mars updates.



Thanks in part to its recent release of the SPS governance token, Splinterlands has once again soared to the top of the charts with everyone wanting to play this blockchain based trading card game and earn their share of airdropped crypto. Unfortunately, Splinterlands recently sold out of all its Untamed Booster packs and Azmare Dice sets leaving players with no source of new cards. The release of the 21 new cards means that players will once again start seeing random NFT cards appearing in their loot chests for completing daily quests as well as end of season rewards beginning on the 13th of September. According to the official article, the chances of receiving an NFT card in your loot chest is 50% while the chances of receiving DEC or potions are 25% and 25% respectively. 

Although Splinterlands isn't sharing details about the 21 rewards cards, they did give us a sneak peak of two monsters from the upcoming Chaos Legion booster pack series including Lava Launcher (a ranged goblin war machine of the fire splinter) and Djinn Oshannus (a powerful magic monster of the water splinter). If this artwork is anything to go by, it looks like the upcoming Chaos Legion boosters will be packed with powerful creatures as well as new abilities.   

Colonize Mars

For those of you who may not have heard of it, Colonize Mars is a blockchain based game (more accurately a simulation) that is designed to realistically depict the colonization and establishment of a human settlement on Mars. The game is designed based on real technology to give a realistic feel while also rewarding players with the in-game Marita Token cryptocurrency. Although players have long known that their efforts on the Red Planet would be rewarded with Martia Tokens, we didn't know exactly how this payout would be calculated until now with the release of the updated roadmap.

In addition to the calculations formula, the team also laid out an updated timeline that indicates that the early staking functionality and beta of the game is intended to go live late October of this year with the full functionality and resource economy being released in 2022. 


As always, its great to see updates from some of the exciting blockchain games that I play, and I always have an enormous deal of respect for projects that keep clear and consistent communication with their fans and react to what the community want. Specifically, I think that it is great that Splinterlands has introduced the new rewards card to give players something to look forward to in their loot chests. It's nice earning the DEC cryptocurrency, but in my opinion, its SO much more exciting to open up a shiny new card that I know I will be able to use in battle.

As always, thanks for reading and nothing is financial advice. 





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1 month ago
Topics: Blockchain, Blogging
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