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Share Your Battle Challenge Mushroom Seer

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2 days ago
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In this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge, we have been tasked to fight a match with Mushroom Seer. This is a rare, Earth Splinter card that attacks with magic and has the Silence ability which reduces the magic attack of enemy monsters. I purchased this card specifically for the match and have never used it before, so let's see if it is able to help us with the victory.

For this match we were alloted 30 Mana, however, the ruleset was "Back to Basics" which meant that all monsters lost all of their special abilities. That means no "Flying", no "Reach", and unfortunately, no "Silence" ability for Mushroom Seer.

That being said, I still wanted to field a strong team and decided to paly Unicorn Mustang in the first position. Unicorn Mustang has very strong health, a strong attack and high speed, and is my go to monster when I fight with the Earth Splinter.

In second position, I placed Centauri Mage. Especially in a match where the "Reach" ability is out of play, having a magic monster with high health in second position is a benefit as it can attack from second position as well as first position if my lead monster gets knocked out.

In third position, I placed the star of the battle, Mushroom Seer. Unfortunately, this ruleset did not allow us to use Mushroom Seer to its full potential due to the lack of the "Silence" ability, but it was still good to have a monster with high health and good magic attack on my team.

In fourth position I placed Creeping Ooze. Normally, I like using Creeping Ooze for the "Slow" ability which decreases the speed of my opponent's monsters, but even with that ability lost, Creeping Ooze makes a great buffer monster.

In fifth place, I placed Furious Chicken which again is simply a buffer monster to protect Goblin Chariot from having to reach first position.

In last position I placed Goblin Chariot. I like Goblin Chariot because it has a good ranged attack with a relatively low Mana cost. I had to leave one Mana un-used, but even with that drawback, I still felt that I had chosen a solid lineup.


As soon as the match started, I saw that my opponent placed Haunted Spirit in first position. I knew that this monster had no attack and that my opponent was simply trying to absorb and heal damage while attacking mainly with reach and magic monsters. Thankfully for me, I was able to deal more damage per turn than Haunted Spirit was able to heal. I think they might not have noticed that "Heal" was out of play in this match, but it helped me and we were able to carry the victory.

Thoughts on Mushroom Seer

Although the "Silence" ability was out of play in this match, I still felt that Mushroom Seer was a valuable part of the team. For only five Mana, I can play a monster that has a good magic attack as well as the ability to lower the magic attack of all enemy monsters. Elven Mystic costs 4 Mana but has a weaker attack and no "Silence" ability, so I think that Mushroom Seer is a good card that will usually be worth the additional one Mana cost.

As always, it is fun to take part in the challenges, so I'd like to invite you to try out Splinterlands or check the link to my battle here[](

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2 days ago
Topics: Blogging
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