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Share Your Battle Challenge Efreet Elder

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3 months ago

Welcome back to another Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge. In this week's challenge, we have been tasked to fight a match with Efreet Eder which is a Fire Splinter monster with high speed, the "Last Stand" ability, and high health. Will his strengths be enough to carry us to victory? Find out below!

The Lineup

As usual, every Splinterlands match can be different and choosing the proper team means making the most efficient use of your Mana cap as well as building a team that takes advantage of the ruleset for that specific match. This match was played with 19 Mana and no modifications to the standard ruleset which meant that I played Living Lava in first position. Other than Unicorn Mustang, Living Lava is one of my favorite first position monsters as it has a strong attack, high health and armor, and the "Shield" ability reduces the damage it takes from melee and ranged attacks.

Going in to the match, I knew that I needed to play Efreet Elder and I knew that I wanted Living Lava, but I was a bit unsure of what to do with my remaining three Mana. After thinking about it, I decided to play Horny Toad as it has the "Reach" ability that would allow it to attack from second as well as first position.

My goal was to allow Living Lava to soak up as much damage as possible in the first position while Efreet Elder slowly worked away at damaging the opponent's team from the rear of my formation. Placing Efreet Elder in the last position allows him to attack from a position of relative safety, but it also means that since he is the last monster, his "Last Stand" ability will be triggered giving him increased stats.

The Match

As soon as I saw my opponent's team take the field, I knew that they had a strong team and that this would be a tough fight. They played Goblin Mech in first position which is one of the few monsters that can go toe-to-to with Living Lava. After Living Lava was knocked out of the match, Horny Toad was quick to follow. As Efreet Elder moved into first position as the lone survivor, his "Last Stand" ability was triggered giving him increased stats, but even with that buff, he couldn't overpower Cerberus and his healing ability.

Analysis of Efreet Elder

Despite loosing this match, I think that Efreet Elder is a great card and I was really impressed by the Last Stand ability. As Efreet Elder moved into first position, it regained its health going from 4 to 8 health, its speed increased from 3 to 5, and its magic attack doubled from 1 to 2. Although I have used Efreet Elder before, this is the first time that it has been the last monster on my team, so it was the first chance I had to see its ability in action.

Although we didn't win this match, I think that Efreet Elder was still a good pick. Sometimes in the matches, your opponent just happens to play the perfect card to counter your strategy and this was one of those instances. Cerberus only costs 4 Mana to play, and I sincerely believe that Efreet Elder could have defeated just about any other 4 Mana cap monster if my opponent would have chosen differently. At the end of the day, I have to give them credit for fielding a really strong team.


The Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenges are always fun because they let me try out different strategies and monsters that I might not necessarily use that often. I feel that even a loss can teach a valuable lesson; in this case it was the strength of healing monsters. For those of you who haven't played Splinterlands, I'd encourage you to give it a try by visiting the official website or checking out my battle replay here.

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