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Share Your Battle Challenge - Dragons!

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2 months ago
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In this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge, we have been given the opportunity to fight a match with the Dragon Splinter. The Dragon Splinter is unique among the other Splinters in that it can "team up" and combine forces with other Splinters. In this match, I use an alliance of the Dragon and Fire Splinter to crush the Life Splinter in a hard fought battle.

The Lineup

This match was fought with 23 Mana and no modifications to the standard ruleset which I really like. Whenever I am doing a share your battle challenge, I prefer to have a standard ruleset so the monsters can show their true abilities, and I like having a moderate Mana pool so that I can play more than just one or two monsters.

With that being said, I decided to let the Dragon Splinter lead the charge in this battle and chose Drake of Arnak as my summoner. This Dragon has a nice +1 Armor boost that applies to all friendly monsters. An added benefit of the Dragon Splinter is that it can fight alongside any other Splinter; since I have a lot of strong monsters in the Fire Splinter, I chose to ally with the Fire Splinter for this match.

It will be no surprise that I payed Living Lava in first position. This monster has the "Shield" ability which reduces the damage that it takes from melee attacks, and it has a strong attack combined with good armor and health.

In second spot, I played Fineas Rage. Fineas Rage is probably my favorite second position monster in the game due to his high speed, strong attack, and obviously the "Reach" ability that allows him to attack from second position as the first position.

In third spot, I played Furious Chicken. I usually play Furuous Chicken as a buffer monster between my melee and ranged/magic monsters as Furious Chicken is a zero Mana monster that will cause the opponent to waste one of their attacks without damaging my "real" monsters. In this match, however, Furious Chicken was an even more powerful buffer because it had the +1 armor which meant that my opponent had to waste not just one, but two attacks to take him out of the fight.

With five Mana left, I played Goblin Chariot in last spot. Goblin Chariot is a strong ranged monster that can attack from the rear of the formation. It does have somewhat low health, but this was compensated for by the +1 armor boost that Drake of Arnak provided.

The Match

This match was a bit of a roller coaster for me. When the match first started, I thought I had an awesome lineup, but I underestimated the team my opponent played. They played Silvershield Paladin in first spot, and his "Shield" ability reduced the damage that my monsters were able to deal to him. Not only did he have the "Shield" ability, but my opponent also played Divine Healer which meant that the little damage that I was able to deal was partially healed at the end of each turn.

Although things looked bleak, Living Lava is one of the strongest brawlers in the game, and he was able to take on four of the opponent's monsters at the same time and carry the battle for us and save the day.

Analysis of Dragons

To be completely fair, I don't play with the Dragon Splinter a lot. My personal favorites are probably Fire and Earth, but that doesn't mean the Dragon Splinter is bad at all. I do like the fact the Dragon Splinter can fight alongside any Splinter. This makes it very versatile and adaptable to any situation. The Dragon Splinter does have some strong cards, but unfortunately, I simply don't have them in my collection which is one of the reasons I don't play with Dragons as much as the other Splinters. I feel like the Dragon Splinter is very adaptable and has amazing potential if the player is willing to focus on building up their card collection.


Of all the share your battle challenges, I think this was one of my favorites simply because of how unpredictable the match was. It kept me on the edge of my seat as I watched my team take an early lead, then get pushed to the edge of defeat before Living Lave staged a phenomenal comeback. If you enjoy trading card games that also allow you to earn NFT rewards, then feel free to check out Splinterlands or watch my replay here

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2 months ago
Topics: Blogging
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