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NFTs + DeFi + Blockchain Gaming = DeFi Warrior

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3 months ago

DeFi Warrior is a up and coming DeFi protocol with a twist. When you add to liquidity pairs, you mint your very own DeFi warrior that can go farm cryptocurrency rewards and battle other players to increase your crypto income. Its an interesting take on the traditional yield-farming strategies, so in this post, I'd like to show you how DeFi warrior is integrating DeFi, NFTs, and passive income in its protocol. 

DeFI Warior is New (Like Pre Presale New)

Before we start the post, I'd like to point out that DeFi Warrior is still a VERY new project that (at the time of writing) has not even conducted its seed or private sale round. The reason I mention this is to point out that this project is still under development and a lot can change between now and launch. Everything I share in this post should be considered an educational overview of an interesting project and NOT financial advice of any sort. 

Basic Concept

DeFi Warrior takes the basic concept of DeFi and adds an NFT and gaming layer on top of it to create what they call the first "Initial Game Offering". When a user deposits liquidity, they are able to mint their very own ERC 721 DeFi Warrior that can passively farm rewards for them as well as going into active competitions against other users to boost the rewards potential. 

Arena Details

For those of you who choose a more passive approach, it is perfectly fine to sit back and relax as your DeFi Warrior (Called a DWOR in the game) goes out and does the work for you, but if you want the chance to increase your earnings, you can wager gems to go head to head in a crypto match with your opponent. To be completely honest, the details of the head to head arena aren't yet completely released, so I can't say exactly for sure how it works, but it looks like both you and your opponent will choose a crypto. At the end of a three minute (according to whitepaper) or one minute (according to the website) time period, the greatest % fluctuation in price is declared the winner. 

Just judging from the available documentation, I don't know if the winner is the person whose crypto experiences the greatest price gain, or  the person whose crypto has the largest change in absolute value. As this is something in early development, I expect that the details will be released more in depth later on. 


Overall, I think DeFi Warrior is an interesting project as it is attempting to bring together a lot of different areas of crypto and combine DeFi, NFTs and blockchain gaming. That being said, this project is VERY early in its development, and although I like the concept, it is important to realize that a lot can change between the initial concept and the actual deployment. Although I will never give financial advice or tell you which projects to invest in, I do think that DeFi Warrior is an interesting project, and I plan on keeping it on my radar as a project to keep checking up on. 



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3 months ago
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