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Gods and Legends NFT Collection

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2 months ago

What do you get when you combine the power of ancient gods, goddesses, and monsters with the modern invention of cryptocurrency? You get the Gods and Legends collectible NFT series on the WAX blockchain. This series brings the mythical characters from ancient mythology into the present by releasing various Norse, Japanese, Mayan, Egyptian, and Greek characters as collectible digital art, but that's just the beginning. Gods and Legends also plans to release a collectible comic book where YOU decide the storyline, an in-browser game for you NFTs, and a staking system to reward loyal players. Learn all about it in this post!

Mythological NFT Collection

Although there are a TON of awesome features planned with the Gods and Legends, the core of the series is its focus on releasing ancient gods, goddesses, and monsters as modern NFT collectibles. Each character that is released can be obtained in a variety of rarities, and lower-level cards can be "blended" together to create higher rarity cards of the same type.

In addition to simply collecting cards, players have the ability to build custom 7 card decks and submit them for a monthly competition in which the top 50 decks receive various prizes ranging from an additional booster pack all the way up to a guaranteed legendary card + 1500 WAX.

Interactive, NFT Based Comic Book

Of all the features of Gods and Legends, I am most looking forward to the release of their comic book. In my opinion, this is the key differentiating factor that sets them apart from a variety of other projects for a variety of reasons. First off, this comic book will be released as both an NFT as well as a physical edition copy. This is huge! I absolutely love all the benefits that NFTs have. They are easy to sell, they can be traded, they don't get scuffed up and damaged while playing, etc. However, there are also times when I wish I had some small physical momento as a way of showing support for my favorite crypto game. I think the fact that the comic book will be released as both an NFT as well as a limited physical edition will be a huge plus for the game as it will allow people to actually hold onto a part of the game.

Not only that, but the comic is interactive and fan-led. What I mean by that is that the fans themselves get to determine the storyline. For example, check out this ongoing voting process that allows the fans (NFT Holders) to decide whether the mythic hero Heracles dies or lives in the next edition of the comic book. What other NFT projects do you know of that not only have a comic book but also have a comic book that allows the fans to decide the course of events?


As the game progresses, the team has planned to add a variety of additional features including an in-browser game where you can use your NFTs as well as a token and staking system. Judging from the roadmap, it looks like those features are still a while out, but I'm really excited to see how they are implemented. That being said, I do have to give a general disclaimer that it is not in any way directed at Gods and Legends or any particular game. Perhaps I'm still just a bit bummed out by the endless wait for Alien Worlds to release their promised Thunderdome battle arena, but I think it's important to remember that planned features are always subject to changes and delays. Although I'm incredibly optimistic about the Gods and Legends game and staking system, I still felt that it was important to point out that when you invest in an early-stage project, there is always the chance that the development might not progress as originally intended.


In summary, I'm excited about Gods and Legends. In contrast to a lot of NFT projects that are spin-offs of a spin-off, I think that Gods and Legends has an interesting concept of bringing the ancient gods and goddesses back to life as modern-day comic book heroes. I think that the physical copies of the comic will be highly sought after and the ability to vote on the storyline will be a huge plus among fans. I am excited for the intended launch of the game and staking system as well, but I consider that more of an added benefit to an already interesting concept.

As always, thanks for reading and nothing is financial advice.


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