Ideal Publishing Time at Read.Cash?

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I tend to pose this question on every platform I become a part of, and it should be no different here at Read.Cash-- which I love, by the way-- so here goes nothing...

When do you get the most readers?

You can make this as broad or specific as you see fit... at which times do you find your posts get the most traction? Or have you noticed that certain days of the week work out better for you?

And why do you think this is? Do you think certain topics have unique sweet spots that may not run parallel to others? Do crypto-related discussions happen more at odd nighttime hours perhaps, while lifestyle and diet have a bigger audience in the mornings?

I want your own thoughtful observations.

I can try to draw conclusions based on my own experience as I stumble along, or even extrapolate using existing data from other platforms, but I really want to hear from you:

  • What is your sweet spot?

  • Where are you writing from? Time zone?

  • What types of topics do you write about?

  • Do audience habits vary by topic?

And what about post length?!

Does long-form content seem to perform better on the Read.Cash platform, or are you seeing stronger numbers on shorter pieces?

There are so many factors and variables that could affect how your content fares, but there are usually general traffic spikes that we can all use to maximize the number of eyes our writing gets in front of.

So what say you? :)

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1 week ago
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The situation of publishing without gaining enough visibility of readers is bothersome to me too. I think, your concern for how the reader's attention span gets distributed is an interesting topic on the ReadCash platform.

I have noticed on several occasions, that my articles aren't visible to the interested audience. I used to believe that, the publishing platform is still new in emergence, but currently developing more features.

I haven't been able to find any way of understanding the statistics. I think, this kind of interesting feature will be developed later on.

Once there is an understanding of what exists on the platform, authors will be able to target their writings with more focus on the personality of readers. You have started an important and interesting discussion on how much each of them can withdraw as their payout.

This is commendable.

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5 days ago

You raise some great points! I too feel like Read.Cash hasn't quite gotten the traffic that others have gotten. This may be due to us needing our own BCH funds... the others have ways to earn with no investment. Just my thoughts...

I appreciate you taking the time to chime in though. Thanks a lot! :)

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3 days ago

Your imagination is wonderful, @ThatCrypto.Club. There is need for BCH funds, or the ability to compete rigorously.

Have a good time.

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2 days ago

It's true, they don't seem to have the traffic others have, although that can improve over time. However, I think there are a number of major problems for us:

  1. That the platform is so enormously focussed on BCH. Then I don't mean as a means for donations, but as a topic. If you look at which posts get donations, you find that, with a few exceptions, it is BCH-related material. The majority here are not sufficiently interested in anything else. Right now, perhaps covid-19 as well, but that is a very special situation that will soon be over.

  2. As you hinted, you need BCH funds to participate, even if you can start publishing without funds.

  3. The whole idea is not friendly to those who do not write but read only. That is not unique for this platform, it goes for all similar projects - but it is a serious problem for authors. Will you get donations only from other authors, not for people who only read? That excludes a large part of humanity. Just imagine traditional publishing selling books only to other authors, while everyone else would read for free! It is not a viable business idea from the author's perspective.

Thus if you, as I do, get many of your readers from outside the platform, they just read and leave. They are not authors, they do not join, and so it is too cumbersome for them to donate. They have no BCH and why should they join if they are not writing?

  1. (This is related to the points above.) Most people join here because they want to write and earn BCH, not because they want to read. It is like a room with a crowd where everyone talks but nobody listens. There are a number of exceptions, but a majority of participants here think they will make easy BCH on quite simple writing and that's the only reason they are here. They wouldn't donate or in any way let go of any BCH they manage to earn (if any).

This became quite long, perhaps I should write a post about all this instead :) I might do that, but I have only been here little over a week, I want to see a little more of this before coming with criticism.

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2 days ago

I appreciate your viewpoints, @Mictorrani. I can see that, you clarified a viewpoint of having many writers, with little or no readers.

It is another viewpoint, to try getting followers from other sites, as you have been saying. But, this will be expected to work out, as a matter of time.

Even, writers won't have much time or the expected interest in reading the work of others like themselves. Publishing has become a little bit more competitive, on the ReadCash platform.

I support the idea of trying to get invited readership, to join ReadCash as readers or followers. I believe too that, if sponsorship is planned for in the published article, there is a chance of getting some, if not so much. I really think it is worth noting the ReadCash resource for admitting sponsors and writing towards reaching this goal.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the progress of ReadCash.

Have a great day.

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2 days ago

You are right, of course, with more understanding of the readership here, it is better to write in a way with focus on exactly them. On the other hand, how much should we, as authors, adapt to the available readership? Perhaps we can also try to attract another type of readers; post our links on other places, make people with other interests join the platform and thereby contribute to make both supply and demand more varied.

I am well aware, however, that most external readers follow the link and read, then they leave again without joining the community. This is not all that strange because the platform attracts authors and while all authors are also readers, most readers are not authors, they will neither join nor have access to the donation mechanism.

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4 days ago

Great points all around, Mictorrani.

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3 days ago

I am grateful for taking the time to reply to my comment. It is a good idea, to consider adapting to the existing system and even modify as possible.

ReadCash has certain resources for linking up articles on other sites. If the readership isn't interested in donating to authors, other resources for sponsorship may be engaged.

But, all the effort towards getting a donation from readers or a sponsor, depends on how much visibility the article manages to get with the author's effort.

The topic is an interesting one because I know that many other authors will be enduring this kind of problem. I appreciate your participation, towards improving the publishing activities on ReadCash.

Thanks for your contribution.

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3 days ago

I have not been here long enough to discern this sort of patterns yet, but I'm sure all these factors play a role. The number of readers does not depend on quality alone. Yet I don't think one should spend too much attention on strategy, good quality material is more important.

What really matters, however, is what sort of people are populating this community. It is hugely biased towards cryptocurrency matters so other types of material get rather little attention.

I don't mind cryptocurrency matters, I wrote about Bitcoin as early as 2010 and bought my first bitcoins from the creator himself for one cent each. But I am a bit tired of it. Not cryptocurrency, mind you, but writing and reading about it. Especially since I write about many other things as well.

This community needs an inflow of more people with more diverse interests.

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1 week ago

Those are excellent points, Mictorrani... I agree with you about different types of content too: it would be nice if the platform can attract people interested in a wide variety of topics.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me your two cents. That helps! :)

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6 days ago
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