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How to have a closer relationship with God?

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2 months ago

Developing a closer relationship with God is an admirable goal for everyone especially those Christians. We need also to understand that we will never be as close to God as we ought to be or aspire to be in this life. The reason for this is that we do all have sin in our lives. This is not a deficiency on God but on ours. Our sin remains a barrier to the complete fellowship with God which will be realized once we’re in glory.

There are three ways we need to do:

1. Read the Bible or Scripture

This book really has a great influence on all of us. No other book can replace its essence. Even how expensive, how exciting, and how romantic another book, this book wouldn't equate its value. This is the most relevant text as we continue to strive harder for our survival and make ourselves a better version. If you wanna try reading this, you will surely know deeper who our Creator is. You will definitely love Him the way you wanted to be. You became a new you if you will spend time reading His words. It will never be in vain if you do, in fact, you will have an intimate relationship with Him after. It's never a waste of time. Try to give time just one hour, it can do. I promise that after you read, your heart will be full of joy, peace, and satisfaction.

But human as we are, we cannot deny the reality that sometimes we skip reading this book. Instead, we prioritize other stuff reading unimportant information and issues around us. We tend to forget to read the Bible the way it should be. For my part, I do reading once a day. I prefer to read in the evening before I go to sleep because the surroundings are quiet. We can focus ourselves to read. No more distractions and noise can bother us.

So, if we want to grow closer to God, we should read His Word regularly. In reading His Word, we are “listening” to God speak through it by his Spirit who illuminates the Word to us.

2. Prayer

 If reading the Bible is listening to God speak to us, speaking to God is accomplished through prayer. This thing is one of the ways to worship our God. It is also a way of communicating with our Creator. To speak up about what we want to achieve and desire. But even before we ask Him, He already knows our needs and wants as well.

I do praying before I go to bed and before the sun shines its brightest or dawn. I talk to Him everything I want to tell Him even the happenings I did the whole day, the answered prayer He grants, and even those little happenings in my life. In that way, my relationship with Him became deeper each day and I became thankful for every small thing I do have.

If prayer became a habit, miracles really exist. There is nothing impossible with God. So, if you want your request to be granted, be a prayerful person. That's a great secret of a contented and satisfied person.

3. Attend Church Activities or Fellowship

In our church, we have lots of activities, almost every night. These are prayer meetings, bible study or sharing, youth bible study, prayer and fasting, and the prayer walk. As we come into the house of the Lord in worship and fellowship with His people, we can’t help but grow closer to the Lord as a result.

When I was then, a youth, I attended most of these activities. I really give my time serving our Lord because I know all our works will not be put into fruitless. I want to be fruitful in the eyes of God, that's why I give my life to Him fully and surrendered.

In addition, I want to give back all the talents I do have because of Him such as singing, leading the praise and worship songs and dancing. I am also into giving a challenge or encouragement to the congregation about giving the tithes and offerings. These two are different. These are just I always do inside our church. This is my way to glorify and honors God for his goodness.


It seems rather simple, if not simplistic. These ways are just a common doing of a real Christian. For them, these are easy to accomplish and follow. The main point of serving God is your availability for His glory. It's your time he wants. If you give enough time for Him and minimize some unimportant things to do, then all the things you want to have in your life will be added unto you. For now, it is always your choice to follow.

Spend your time wisely.

These ways I mentioned above are just based on my own experience. I just want to share it with you. I hope this might help you to continue serving our Lord. He is always available and always waiting for us to come near Him. He will surely welcome you with His unconditional love.


I will never get tired of giving each of you warmth THANK YOU for the blessings you shared with me. I declare more blessings to come and earnings to enjoy.

Thank you for reading. God Bless you! :)

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Written by   66
2 months ago
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Murag praying ra juy ahu diha girl. Sauna active ko sa among simbahan pero naundang.

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2 months ago