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Introduce myself at family

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10 months ago

My name is Tanjim Ahmed. And my nickname is Mehedi... I am 23 years old.


I live in pabna which is located in Bangladesh. It's an urban area. My family lived here in few year's. Though i read in another region but this is my motherland.


I am now in bsc Engineering in EEE at a reputed University. I completed my higher secondary examination in a Cantonment collage. I completed my secondary education in a school. Now i am in 2 nd year .


I love to play football and cricket in leisure period. In the morning i used to take care of my garden where have many flower garden. Gardening is my another hobby. Sometimes i read novel books.

But most interesting is to me a bike tour. It's one of the enjoying moment for me.

In this picture you all see some flower pot which is in my garden. I take care of it.

  • My thinking about BCH

I know about bch in few month ago. It's totally new for me. One of my friend told me about. In that time i share micro blog on noise. Cash site.

Photo by Ewan Kennedy from Pexels

Then i create my crypto wallet.

My crypto earning:

I earn first crypto from noise cash site. Then i deeply know many of crypto site in internet. I search it and find many way to earning crypto. 1 st time i withdraw 2$.

My opinion about

I think It's a great platform for blog writer. It makes many people as a Professional blog Writer. Many people can show Their writing and creative skill.

I hope every member of family help each other a this platform contribute more and more.

My last opinion

I am a new member of family. I hope you all support me. And i also try to share my creative writing by blog.

Thank you everyone.

Some of my article



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10 months ago
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