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Cakes and Flowers for You

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5 months ago

What is the essence of Christmas to you and how do you celebrate it?

In a certain point the spirit of Christmas for me reflects outstanding goodness that it is all about caring, sharing, giving, and loving without expecting something in return and what matters most is a carefree and benevolent heart with highly memorable marks of goodwill.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my amazing friends, readers, viewers, likers, commenters, upvoters, and sponsors. Enjoy your holidays with a prosperous sense of love, hope, faith, and peace with your loved ones.

This very day is December 25, 2021 and it is a happy Christmas Day.

Different cultures and traditions from all over the world may have been momentously celebrating Christmas through different remarkable preparations to celebrate the memorable day of the birth of Christ wherein the word Christmas itself has originated. One of which is preparing an exceptionally sweet cake in variations of tastes, designs, styles, and themes. Yet mine is a combination of a sweet thought of my loving heart with the warmest Christmas greetings of the famous old Santa Claus appearing to be in a sumptous cake.

And suddenly, I remember about all the amazing people in my life including you my beloved friends and readers who have made my life very sweet all throughout the good times and bad days. Since I cannot literally give all of you surprising and astonishing Christmas presents so I just simply prepared a very special gift wrapped with my sweetest thoughts, loving fervent prayers, and ever fondest wishes with lots of CAKES and FLOWERS.

I strongly believe that it is not the wealth that truly counts yet on how Christmas is celebrated especially more of giving great importance even to simple happiness and all forms of simplicity that only a carefree heart could truly feel which brings together all the positive vibes that this season delightfully brings.

Here are the precious and magical Christmas presents that I have personally prepared for you with a wonderful, deeply significant feelings and wishes of Comfort, Abundance, Kindness, Excitement, and Success making up the sweetest cakes ever as well as the fragrantly bloomed flowers making up Fortune, Liberty, Optimism, Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Radiance, and Serenity.

The CAKES and FLOWERS are the greatest symbols of my most loving thoughts with highly favorable well wishes and appreciation for all of you. May you savor its goodness with a whole lot of fun.

CAKES stands for Comfort, Abundance, Kindness, Excitement, and, Success.


There is nothing more soothing as every words of comfort and the Almighty Father's most loving arms most especially during these tough times. And as you celebrate this joyous season, may you find the most comfortable and relaxing place just like paradise where you can grow more and live an evermore touch of unending comfort between God's loving grace and blessings.


As you superiorly think of overflowing blessings and graces from above, my fervent prayers and wishes that may you be blessed abundantly in all your endeavors and live a dreamy life fueled by good favors until infinity.


Continually grow in fondness of a good heart where kindness resides. It does not matter how people may have treat you badly for as long as you know how to treat them well that is more than contentment and satisfaction. Always choose to be kind even if others are not.


In as much as you are excited to open every astonishing Christmas present, be eager to wake up everyday with full of excitements despite the storms in a teacup. Life is a blessing and you too, is a blessing to everyone. Be more than inspired to dwell every priceless moment with more of unwavering excitements.


With all of what you have been going through, it makes you more humble and stronger with the roughly smooth road towards success. I wish you success in everything as you are guided everyday by the Almighty Father's strength and refuge where you can walk comfortably to reach the highest peak.

On the other hand, FLOWERS stands for Fortune, Liberty, Optimism, Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Radiance, and Serenity.


Even if you may be less fortunate on some things, your life does not end there. Through working very hard in silence with consistency and determination, you may achieve a good fortune that lies behind you and one day you will realize that everything was all worth it.


Liberty is what every restless soul dreams of. May you find a calm and unimaginable freedom as you venture towards the blizzards. Remember to always hold on tightly to the most powerful hand above and carry on with your life taking pride of the liberty that you truly want.


Never forget to travel the road less taken with optimism. It may be so craggy yet it will surely lead you to a beautiful destination. Always train your mind to portray optimism even all things seem so impossible. Remember that nothing is impossible to a brave soul who does not give up and that seize every moment of your life with optimism.


Your negative mind will never give positive vibes and that your great unwise wisdom will never yield outstanding results. A wise decision is more than life so think a thousand times before you simply click and react. Always remember that a wise soul is the best soul.


Never let each day pass without extra dose of enthusiasm and do not be afraid to show to the world a real enthusiasm not only today but as well as for the coming tomorrows. Your natural enthusiasm is more than important to heroically win the hardest life.


All I want to see is your natural radiance that continuously glows from within. Be mindful of radiating positivity and inspiring others at all times and build an empire full of radiance for yourself and others.


Most importantly, among all of my best wishes for you there is nothing more to ask when serenity timely dwells in you heart, mind, and soul. Live a more serene life away from troubles with the right dose of understanding and patience in everthing.


Copyright 2021 Talecharm. All rights reserved.

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Written by   528
5 months ago
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Really thanks

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4 months ago

Merry Christmas mam...really like how you write about cake and flowers so perfectly

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5 months ago

Merry Christmas ma'am . You are simply glorious ☺

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5 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family Ameen and I just tell you about flower photography amazingly beautiful Scenery beautiful View Of this This is amazing because you really made with beautiful people make it Remember us in you're prayer and I wish you will get more and more successful day and life

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5 months ago

I really get you there I was so impressed about the way you described cake and flowers. Happy Christmas to you

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5 months ago