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Five co-curricular activities that need to stay ahead

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In addition to academic activities, many of us are involved in various co-educational activities. Although the main purpose of teaching in school is learning, it is very important for the student to acquire skills such as thinking development, communication enhancement or leadership development. Such practice reduces stress on students and creates an opportunity for decentralization. In addition to studying, healthy recreation and maintaining good mental health therefore requires the practice of co-educational activities.

By co-educational activities we mean debates, drawings, dances, songs, recitations, performances, speeches, etc. in the general sense. A student usually participates in all the activities that he feels comfortable with. However, while co-curricular activities are one of the main forms of recreation, not all co-curricular activities are for recreational purposes only. Today's article will discuss five co-educational activities that help you to prepare yourself well in education.

1 # Scouting

It is a good decision to start scouting at school or college level. Scouting mainly teaches fieldwork, decision making, hands-on training and basic life skills. Scouts are usually seen leading various school-college events. Each scout team has a team leader, called Senior Patrol Leader. The team is again managed by the sports coach of the concerned school. This is how scouts get the basic education of discipline training. In addition to the activities at the school level, there are also annual scout gatherings at the upazila, district and regional levels, and at the highest level, there is an opportunity to do scouting at the national jamburi or international level. Opportunity to earn different badges by matching by proving your skills. A Scout President at the highest level can also earn a Scout Badge.

This is the duty of the scouts and ancillary discussions. All the fun experiences like hiking, tent party, camp fire, camp visit are also available from scouting. When other friends are spending lazy time sitting at home on holidays, you are sitting next to the tent on a winter night after hiking all day and spending time chatting with all the other scouts at the campfire, what better holiday than this!

There are 50 million Scout members in some 180 countries worldwide. So the experience of working as one of the huge community will teach a student to be proficient in the workplace from the beginning. That is why scouting as a co-educational activity is quite effective.

Discipline and skill, both equally skilled scouts; Image Source:

2 # Debate

There is no end to the debate over whether release by logic matches or not. However, it cannot be found that learning the debate has done more harm than good. Many are involved in the debate at the school, college, and even university level. Controversy is one of the first names to emerge as a co-educational activity. Debate teaches how to think about a subject, how to think about it. And those thoughts are fulfilled only when they contain a mixture of proper reasoning. So there is no better  alternative than debate to give an acceptable dimension to one's own thinking from the thoughts of ten more people .

One can learn to present oneself through debate. Many of us may find it difficult to stand in front of dozens of people and talk. Debate practice is very helpful to overcome this numbness. If you practice speaking regularly, inertia will gradually disappear. As well as the debate makes a student tolerant. At a time when people are forgetting to respect each other's opinions, the tendency to impose their own opinions in any way, even if they are wrong, the debaters are still listening to the opponents' arguments, knowing their point of view.

But not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Debates are usually based on literature, politics, law, ethics, economics, recent events, and so on. A debater has to keep abreast of all these matters. Debates require a lot of study and regular updates on current events. The role of debate from the evolving place of knowledge is undeniable.

Knowledge without logic is dull, the answer will match in debate; Image Source: Lycée Magazine 

3 # Quiz competition

Many of us have seen the popular 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' or 'Spelling Bee' competition on television screens. At the school-college level, special quiz competitions are organized on the occasion of Independence or Victory Day, or quiz competitions for DC, Marvel or Potterheads in English schools. Regional, national or international level Olympiads are a little more upgraded than the traditional quiz competition . 

These competitions are usually from textbooks or outside subjects. That's why a quiz has to know a lot at the same time. Quiz is a very interesting co-educational activity for some students as they do not have to study quiz as much as they do in formal education.  

There is no substitute for quizzes to increase the scope of knowledge; Image Source:

4 # Recitation

Recitation is basically a poem or a prose writing. Although traditionally recitation seems to be a very common co-curricular activity, its learning outcomes are far-reaching. Those who recite or learn regularly have artistic touches in the way they speak. It is not necessary to have a serious or rashvari voice to be a reciter. Rather, no matter what the voice is, it has to be pure and clear. Literature usually has a greater grasp, so the word choice of a reciter is more coherent and melodic than that of anyone else.

A speaker is able to attract the audience mainly through his speech. And so the speakers want the logic of the speech, the harmony with the content and the melody. If these three are combined, the listener will never lose interest. In addition, at the end of our education, we have to face the Viva Board in the field of work placement test or any other competitive field. In addition to thematic knowledge, academic records, etc., communication skills and the use of language also serve as a major controller on the Viva Board. Therefore, if you are connected with co-educational activities like recitation from the beginning of your educational life, you will get good results in your future life as well.  

Must know how to speak beautifully; Image Source:

5 # Writing

Many of us have a good grasp on content writing from an early age. Especially those who are a little shy in nature, they do not feel very comfortable to participate in the above four types of co-educational activities, but they do not have much difficulty in doing the writing work. So if a student does not want to participate in any co-educational activities directly related to the public space, then time can be given to activities like essay writing competition or wall magazine, scriptbook writing. This brings a lot of positive changes in the style of writing, writing in a new way. Those who have been involved in such work since their education, later in the formal fields such as report writing or blog writing, their work is quite clean and efficient.

Having a regular writing practice is quite important; Image Source:

In addition to acquiring skills in the life of the 21st century, in order to keep pace with the present generation, we need to acquire some additional qualifications along with academic knowledge, which will present a person as different from the other ten. Skills like leadership, eloquence, group work experience, excellent presentation as well as studies will put him first in the workplace as well, and that is why we want regular practice of co-educational activities.

This article is about the importance of practicing co-curricular activities at school and college level. The readers will be able to know about 5 best activities as a co curricular participation.

References are hyperlinked in the article.

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