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First cloud observation submitted to NASA this year. I do not make cloud observation too often, should make more shots this year.

Today it was cloudy, first working day with grey sky. This observation took me about 1 munte - 6 pictures and not complex data to report.

This is my 1370 observation submitted to NASA.

The app and all required information is available here:

And some of prior posts on read.cash:

Folding@home and BOINC is a routine. At this point my GPU has discovered or completed

  • 1220 amicable pairs

  • Many work units with Einstein@home on PC and mobile phones. No pulsar found yet on my devices but maybe in

My mobile phone continue to compute for einstein@home and WCG. Many users comment in possible issues with phone accu but my Moto (Motorola) budget phone has no issues with battery for over a year. I normally set temperature limit to 35 grad by Celsius: boinc app is switching off if mobile is heated above that.

2021 articles can be found in the citizen science channel on read and noise here:

*-Image is created with Mirror Lab and Snapsed apps.

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