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BAN, GRC and exchanges

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2 months ago

Scientific computations are supported with cryptocurrences that may compensate some electricity costs for computing and also may be interesting investment if cryptocurrences are increasing in value.

There are some of exchanges where BAN and GRC can be traded:

Some Atomars exchange feachures and news:

  • BAN/BTC and BAN/USDT pairs can be traded

  • There is a faucet with daily coins

  • Telegram bot trading was announced this week

  • On exchange staking is just started

  • Simple registration

  • Referral program

  • Reasonable to low withdrawal and trading, depending on coin.

  • There is a community voting with option of listing for 2 winners. Trust wallet token and UpTrennd's 1UP are on vote!

Some SouthXchane features:

  • GRC/BCH, GRC/BTC and other trading paid are available.

  • BCH can be transferred from and exchanged to GRC and vice versa directly

  • Reasonable to low withdrawal and trading fees

  • Faucet with free coins

GRC can be also exchanged and autostaked with the Holytransaction wallet. The wallet is cool but no private keys.

There are also great option to store and earn GRC with the Microgrid.

BAN giveaway is currently running till December 31st

For more updates:

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Written by   98
2 months ago
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