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What is the benefits of crying???

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2 years ago

Researchers could not find out the benefits of the crying.

People cry in sorrow,pain or joy.Does this cry only express regret or emotion,or is there some benefits???Researchers claim that crying has benefits.But they could not find out how much profit.If the mind is broken,let the tears flow,the researchers said.It is not right to cry all the time.

According to a report in The Independent,an analysis of article published in various media on crying over 140 years found that the crying was described as a quality in 94 percent of cases.Not having too much crying is also linked to problems like cancer,asthma,high blood pressure.A recent Haddington Post blog also highlights the important of shedding tears for men crying relieves pain amd helps people recover from a problem.

Sadness,anger or joy the tears that come from any emotion,reflate and qualities of humanity in a person.However,the issues of crying is seen differently in different cultures.For example,in Toraja,Indonesia,when some one other then the bereaved person cries,it is considered a sign of unhealthy,emotional problems and death at a young age.

However,a Wingerhots,a researcher from the Tilburg in the Nederlands,conducted a study of 5,000 people in 35 countries.Studies have shown that women can cry an average of 30 to 64 times a year.Man can cry to 60 to 16 times.The male testosterone hormone stops crying.Women can more because of high levels of the hormone prolactin.Women are seen to cry more during pregnancy because of this hormone.

There is no continuous research on the crying of adults and the researche could not specify the benefits of crying in adults.Heartburn activities the human sympathetic nervous system and makes the human minds restless.But when the perasympaethic system is activated,the problems heals quickly.Studies have shown that 60 to 70 percent of people think that crying reduces their anxiety.

Researchers at the University of California recently conducted a study on a crying.They showed 150 women the scene of their mother crying at her daughters funeral in the film 'Steel Magnolias'.Seeing this scene,33 people cried.Those who cried at the side of the scene have experience such a disturbing and difficult situation for along time.Crying increase anxiety,which takes longer to recover from researchers say.

People crying the more when they feel helpless,the researchers said.If her condition improves with crying,he feels relieved.

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Written by   27
2 years ago
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