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The Sundarbans will turn around.

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2 years ago

Sundarbans will the be able to turn around with the wounds of super cyclone Amphan???This mangrove forest,the largest reservoirs biodiversity in the world,is a source of oxygen.What is the states of its life after cyclone hit this protected forest??Many people from home and abroad are eager to know that the current state of the Sundarbans after saving the lives of millions of locals by slowlying down the speed the of Amphan to get their own book.

Researches working with the Sundarbans and the forest department say that if the Sundarbans allowed to the remain as it is,the forest will return to normal within the next 5 to 6 months.The Sundarbans will get the its life back.

Twice in 24 hours,there are was no noise in this salty forest,which was flooded by the tidal water of the sea,as there wrer no foresters or fisherman,including all kinds of tourists.All the wildlife including The Royal Bengal Tiger chitral and maya deer,the guardian of the nature.

Eight species of Dolphins,including the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins are playing in group in the surface of the water.It is easy to see crocodiles and endangered species of batagul baby turtles.Different species of snakes including python and kinkobara are roaming around farelessly.The forest ranger including the forest officials are waking up at the call of the forest rooster.Bird's of different species are chirping and flying back and forth from edals of the trees.

This the first time since the creation that the Sundarbans has return to normal.The Sundarbans,whuch is changed,its form 6 times to 24 hours day and night,has got new life without any disturbunce.On Wednesday night,super cyclone Amphans pralankari chobal hit the Sundarbans.Officials from various forest offices and patrols outpostes in the four ranges of the Sundarbans Division of the east of bagerhat and west of khulna amd said the Sundarbans is a World heritage site as well as a wetland.The water area of the Sundarbans is 1,074.1 sq. Km.Which is 31.15 percent of the entire Sundarbans.In 1992 the united nations recognized the entire Sundarbans watersheds as a ramsar sites.

Besides the sea area of the Sundarbans is 1,603.2 are 650 species of dolphins, 210 species of white fish,24 species of shrimps,14 species of crabs,43 species of mollusks and 1 species of lobster,including 450 small and larges rivers and canals in this watershade.The land area is 6.75 percent of the total area of the Sundarbans is 4,242.6 sq km.There are 334 species of plants including sundari,gewa,garan and pashur.

Among the 365 species of Wildlife include 42 species of mammals including the Royal Bengal Tiger and Deer.35 species of raptiles including of saltwater crocodiles,guisaps,turtles,dolphin, pythons,kinkobras and 315 species of birds.Already 1 species of wilf buffalo,2 species of deer,2 species of rhinoceros and 1 species of fresh water crocodiles gave disappread from the sundarbans.

Save the Sundarbans Foundation Chairman of the sundarbans research Institute.Seikh fariful islam said that if the Sundarbans is left as it is,the forest will return to normal within the next 5 to 6 months.In the last one and half years the Sundarbans has been devastated by 75 cyclones.Even after that the Sundarbans hs turned around.There us nothing to worry about in the recent pass the Sundarbans super cyclones Sidr,Alia has turned into after cutting the wiundus of Bulbul.

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Written by   27
2 years ago
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