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Reflect: Be Nothing To Become Everything

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2 months ago

The humility to possessed everything and yet think that you do it for the Lord & it's from Him is what makes us reflect that heaven is a no-thing, a spiritual dimension where everything the Lord gave us is capable of, where we can confidently express "I can do all things thru Christ" & "All things are possible to those who believe!"

Thus it makes us on earth while in heaven- the new combination inside as being the temple of the Majestic Spirit who is life-giving, the Christlikeness, the God activated in the flesh, in men, in our mortality that made us immortals.

The integration of our Spirit & of Christ is the highest "kiss of life". The new heaven & earth is you.

The union of heaven (the Spirit from above) & earth (you) that disposes the curses of hell and old creations that the first men of history brought into manifestation. The authority to break hell, the "second death" it with us but it shall no more power over us.

For the old creations were bonded in hell known as the second death where death reigned in them because it was choosen before Christ & still deceive us until now as we can observe and see but not until we embrace the highest truth that we've been saved from it's death & punishment.

In Christ all hell broke loose 🤭, those in bondage & imprisoned, in Christ the men who were first doomed in hell and their tutor because of unbelief were carried right up there & sit in throne, "in the many mansions of God" to rule in life having the authority above all heavens and even to the fire to judge the work of angels or spirits. You shall know what you are made of, the crystalize ocean is far above that ocean of fire.

What Love wants is to give us life of peace & joy & mercy, abundance & grace, power & spiritual position, eternal citizenship & immortality.

Love does not rejoice in evil hearts and thoughts for our full capacity or authority is not of 'hellish' but above it. You must sit above it. We are better than these evil hearts or minds.

The second death realm is disgusting, it's chaotic and messed, it's punishing & lying & stealing, snatching, depressive, it feed us of fears, doubts and worries in life, it's lack, it's hopeless & reject what love is. Needless to say it's the dimension of dead works, dead faith.

Whilst above dead works or dead faith is the strong belief in fuller life. Above second death is the infinite life where all things exist are good and whichever is lovely, honest, trustworthy, honorably or excellence are being minded and planted in hearts.

Above second death is where all things are possible, where you can do everything thru Christ who strengthened you.

Above "second death" is where life and life is more abundantly.

This is the dimension of majestic power and authority. Where even those in below spirits are spine-chilled of your presence because they see that Christ is upon you & His fire.

A refined heart and Christlike mind appears & in everything - in the Universes or beyond then back and shapenes that which it's create here in the physical. You integrate that which is unseen into the seen, thy faith, imagination or things hoped for, you hold as if, with a clean heart created with thanksgiving.

The mind or consciousness of Christ is everything, present even in the most darkness night because He is it's Creator. This consciousness He also gave us. Awake, expand and embrace your true identity.

In everything, in all things given of your Father above you become no-thing and offer back your great life, health & wealth to Him.

Humbly sit & rule Sons.

Here's cheering on your humble position and authority of being no-thing managing everything, your inheritance in Christ,


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Written by   180
2 months ago
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Yes friend. Walang imposible, all things are possible basta we believe in God. Yung kahit daming dumarating in life still we believe in Him.

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2 months ago

I agree is the one who are capable of breaking the chains in our life, the sins, negativity, problems and all.

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2 months ago

We love those breaking chains sis. We proclaim and decree healing and abundance, breaking the chains of depression, lackness, and more it. Negativity spirits go!

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2 months ago

Indeed, Love gives us peace of mind happiness and love is only present in the hearts of kind, and evil people cannot find love nor they will ever be able to enjoy joys of love because their hearts don't possess love

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2 months ago

Be love and that love God gave us.

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2 months ago