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World Health Organization team on a visit to China

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3 months ago

Probably we shall know and find out the origin of corona

The world may know the truth of the coronavirus and its origin. Now the actual work is going to start after two weeks of the team’s quarantine. As we all know, a team from the World Health Organization visited the city of Wuhan in China to know the evidence about the coronavirus source and how it came into existence.

Most probably this visit is going to be completely confidential and they will not make details of the trip public. Also, there is no information about how and where China will allow researchers to visit any places in particular or how many people the WHO team can talk to.

Why is the team visiting China?

The World Health Organization team is visiting China because the first case of coronavirus came in this very city of Wuhan. This team of researchers believes that investigations in Wuhan may reveal the origin of the coronavirus that will help take the measures to avoid such an epidemic in the future.

Researchers from around the world are eager to examine the samples of China’s seafood market and Wuhan hospital records. Also, it is believed that the World Health Organization team will visit this market and the places where corona cases were found, provided the Chinese government allows them to do so.

Apart from this, the team can also visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology of China. They established this lab after the SARS epidemic in 2003, which maintains an extensive collection of genetic sequences for the Bat Coronavirus. In addition, this team of researchers may also visit the local branch of the CDC in China.

What obstacles can the team face?

The biggest question here is whether China will allow researchers to see and do what the WHO team wants to do? After media research, the possibilities are that the Chinese government-controlled Corona-related news, research, and the researchers may or may not allow as much as the team would like to talk to people and the media.

When will the public get the answer?

At least I am not very hopeful about this. Not sure, but it could take weeks, months or years to know the reality about the origin of the coronavirus. It took ten years to know the origins of Ebola and SARS. But if the world’s experts know and find proper information about the coronavirus from where it spread, then this will help in restricting such epidemics in the future.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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