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Unable to Travel? Try Staycation - Heck with Pandemic

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3 months ago

Have you ever played tourist in your own town or holiday in your own backyard? If you’re doing this, then you are the selected few that enjoying the pandemic era as true world-travelers.

Wanna ask me what is a staycation? The answer is simpler than your imagination! Or maybe you have already guessed it before I thought of an answer for this! Staycation comes from the contraction of “stay” and “vacation”. Yes, a staycation that basically invented by Americans, but we in Australia been doing this for decades.

We simply organize such trips a little more colorfully with lots of imagination in our backyard or in a nearby travel destination with a difference. Staycation is nothing but a vacation that we take at our home, backyard, or a place that we reach easily without traveling or very little traveling. In most cases, this is in our home, backyard, or that needs no or very little traveling.

Staycation has grown in popularity over the years, as people look for different ways to connect with their environment and each other by exploring their own backyards, literally and figuratively.

Some people define staycation as staying at home and visiting museums and zoos. One of my friends is very fond of travel without even traveling to places. For him, a state-cation is like being a tourist within your own state and not traveling too far from home, is a staycation.

I have been trying to work on staycation ever since the pandemic restricted us from going out for our regular travel experiences. I have met some wonderful people with some wonderful ideas about a staycation. They all have something different, but as interesting as the other.

For instance, another of my friend told that they looked no further than their own property to enjoy their staycation. They have a large backyard with a fire pit, a hammock, and warm mood lighting throughout. They put many wind chimes and locate them in such a way that one would hear distinct tones from different parts of their property. It’s like a sound garden, a unique idea and so serene.

Creating an enticing outdoor living space, complete with furniture, all-weather flooring, a fire feature, and a barbecue, can help motivate everyone to escape the indoors. Or maybe you can transform your backyard into a campsite by setting up a tent and sleeping outdoors for the night! Don't forget to sit around the fire and sing songs while enjoying roasted marshmallows together.

You must start playing games on your lawn! You can play games like volleyball, badminton, or croquet as part of your staycation, too. You could even invite your friends for competitions in different games they play and even give yourselves rewards at the end even if contributory. Be as innovative as you can and add as many fun

Try dining as an adventure

Recreate the experience of travel dining in the comfort of your own home by cooking a new cuisine and perhaps pairing it with a movie from the same part of the world for a fully immersive experience. If you feast on fresh baguettes, cheese, cold meats, and plenty of wine of your own choice when you're in France, why not do it on a French-style staycation at your home!

Keep track of local weather conditions. Try to feast and plan your evening meals around the sunset time for a true holiday experience. And yes, France was just an example but try visiting as many countries as possible or regions for an around-the-world or around-the culinary staycation.

If vacation means no cooking your own meals, plan to eat at least one meal per day at some of those local spots you've always wanted to check out. I live in a cool city which is the capital of my country living in a house with a large backyard and a rumpus even larger and grate variety and a number of places to eat within twenty-minutes drive so staycation is not a problem for me, my family and my friends that wish to join us with different themes and ideas.

Another neighbor and family-friend enjoy her staycation with her young sons, they always try to target at least one cuisine-themed neighborhood for a visit and meal. And make sure to check the calendar mates, many nd cities hold food festivals throughout the year, highlighting different countries and the variety of dining establishments in the city.

Be a tourist in your own town

Bucket lists don't need to include life-changing journeys to faraway lands but starting your planning with your local council or tourist information center. Tourist centers and tourist websites or even the booking sites post itineraries or put up blog posts that are extremely helpful in selecting what to do and they give you detail about your neighboring areas too.

Lookup for a cue from a family member or friends who have visited, and you might go to all the tourist places and have a ball. One of my friends he and her wife are interested in concerts and music, re-create the concert hall in their own sitting room and enjoy as much as if they were sitting in an opera house. They did it in such a way and treated themselves to concerts and musical outings they hadn't done before.

I was amused to hear another experience about how one family of four, husband, wife with their two sons, treated themselves for a stay in a hotel only 20 minutes drive from their home and enjoyed it as much as they traveled by plane for 20 hours. I loved their idea of booking a hotel even if it's just a few minutes away.

I was so inspired by their idea that I did a similar booking for a weekend in December 2020, about 3 hours drive in Jervis Bay. It was a real holiday, we needed to escape all the responsibilities of home. That was a hotel booking, no worries about anything including cooking, dishwashing, or vacuuming.

Learning new skills

If the present scenario of travel restriction goes on I have next on my list of learning Spanish. I know to speak a few sentences but I am interested in learning to speak fluently. That's how I wish to survive the pandemic, I will learn How to speak Spanish next.

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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I like it but with us all restaurants, sceneries and hotels, shops are closed. I am a fan of being tourist in own country. Most of us do not even know the places tourists visit only. Planning a vacation helps too even if you won't travel over there ever. It is good for the mood and you about the stress and burnout many deal with once they arrive at their destination. (Not me btw).

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3 months ago