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Trump Could Have Won A World Record In The Art Of Twisting The Facts

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3 months ago

Former President of America Donald Trump is now out of the office and already bid farewell to the White House, but during his tenure, Trump was the center of discussion in the media for several reasons. And one of the major reasons was the way he twisted fact or lied so shamelessly.

There were several incidents which were report by the different media houses how Donald Trump used to lie. He lied 40 times on an average a day during his tenure. That's unbelievable but true.

He used to speak several lies in a day that could make him a world record holder politician as a liar. Sounds funny but that was probably Trump's way of remaining in the limelight in the world politics.

Let me tell you that the media and fact-checker websites of Trump have revealed the lies of Trump. According to a report by the Washington Post, during his election tenure, on average, Trump spoke over 39 lies in one day. According to the media houses, the former US President made false claims or lied well over thirty-four thousand times during his four-year term.

According to the report, the fact-checking organization started writing a weekly feature to write about Trump’s lie, and later collected data during Trump’s entire four-year tenure on the demand of readers. They also informed it in this report that Trump’s habit of telling lies kept increasing during his tenure.

Trump made false claims on average 6 times each day in the first year of his tenure. The second-year made 16 false claims every day. In the third year, 22 lied every day and in the fourth year of the last, Trump made 39 false claims.

Let me tell you that last year, while talking to the media, Trump said that he had spoken to India on the Kashmir issue and India had accepted him to mediate with India and Pakistan. But in fact, India did not ask for any such help and after that White House also accepted this. Trump proved he was a habitual liar on different occasions, on different matters, including world politics.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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