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This Last One Year was Heck For Us

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3 months ago

Exactly one year ago, in the same week of January, the Communist government of China was facing the biggest crisis of the century. The Coronavirus completely stalled the city of Wuhan in China. The Chinese government, more than alerting the public by the epidemic, was trying to hide it from the eyes of the world.

There were a lot of ruckuses on the internet and world media and in China regarding this epidemic. It was not the situation in China in decades, but the Chinese government was facing stiff opposition from its own people and the world community.

The liberal people of China, that believed in their ethics and an ideology and suppressed for decades, were now under strict censorship. Now probably they saw their chance to speak openly. They were now speaking against the Chinese government.

It seemed like the propaganda machinery of the Chinese government could never tackle the resentment created in the minds of the people about the coronavirus. But this did not happen. But see, just after one year, the Chinese government has completely taken control over the situation and successfully managed to silence the voices of its rebels.

There is no debate about the Coronavirus on the internet or media. The concept of the failure of the Chinese government to deal with the epidemic has now changed completely. The Chinese government has managed to turn the Wuhan tragedy to its own advantage.

The Chinese government on the strength of repression has completely convinced her own people that the government has tackled the epidemic successfully.

The capture of Dr. Li Wenliang, who first warned people about the coronavirus in Wuhan by the government machinery and his death because of the epidemic, aroused resentment among the youth in China. But now, exactly one year later, the anger of the youth has completely disappeared.

The Chinese people, instead of paying tribute to those who lost their precious lives because of this epidemic not only in China but in the rest of the world, are taking more interest in the controversy over an actress and her surrogate children.

Life is heck in the rest of the world, but the Chinese were enjoying and celebrating their night-long show in Wuhan a couple of days ago. The show must go on, people are born to die.


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Written by   25
3 months ago
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