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The world is one Hard Drive lesser- Would you like to add this to your kitty?

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2 months ago

James Howells, an IT worker living in the UK, is looking for a hard drive that could make him a millionaire. James accidentally threw his hard drive in the trash 8 years ago, that's. in 2013, a hard drive with a data saved of 7500 bitcoins. Now that the price of Bitcoin is skyrocketing, James remembers about that hard drive even more.

James has offered to pay Newport City Council 7 70 million to find a hard drive. He said he could find his lost digital treasure if the council allowed him to dig at the landfill site. These bitcoins could fetch James $4,20000000. Wow, I am just trying to figure out the amount in my native currency.

He has asked the council for permission to dig at the landfill site to search for bitcoin. He said he is willing to compensate the Council and citizens if only he could get his hard drive back. He has already offered to donate $7.17 million to the Council of the City of Newport,". He is also willing to distribute this among the citizens living in Newport. Unfortunately, the City Council turned down his offer.

City Council spokesman says that excavations at the landfill site were not possible under the licensing permit. He also said that this excavation will also have a very adverse effect on the environment of the surrounding area. He said that crores of pounds would be spent on excavation, sorting, and treatment of waste at the landfill site without any guarantee, for which there is no concrete action plan.

James Howells started buying Bitcoin in 2009 when the crypto market was in its infancy and no one knew about digital currency. James threw his hard drive in the trash between June and August 2013. James felt that he had already saved all the files from the hard drive to another place, but he forgot to do so.

At that time a bitcoin was worth $100. Today, this premier cryptocurrency is priced at $56,000 per bitcoin. And, let me tell you that James Howells has been trying to find his hard drive for a long time. Even in late 2013, Howell visited the landfill site to look for it.

But probably Wells has come up with a new plan that will solve his problem this time around. Wells said he wants to dig into specific areas of the landfill based on the grid reference system and look for hard drives that meet all the necessary safety and environmental standards.


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Written by   26
2 months ago
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