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No Storm, No Guns- No More Pizzagate Conspiracy

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3 months ago

All evil forces have united to defeat Trump, but no one will ever be able to remove him. They thought Joe Biden will never be sworn in as President of America. The QAnon supporters thought a massive storm will come and correct everything”.

This is not a script of any film, but the views of QAnon supporters living in America. Now that all misfired or have now collapsed as a matter of the past and no storm has come for the rescue of Trump.

The only fact remains now, Joe Biden is already America’s 46th president, and all the predictions of the Qinon supporters proved wrong. Who are the supporters of Qinon and what were their predictions, check it out, please.

Who are the QAnon supporters?

First, we should know who are these Qinon supporters. In fact, during the year 2017 in the US, the promotion of a baseless conspiracy theory called Qinon started.

Subsequently, several groups of Quinon supporters became active in the US, the so-called Trump supporters. These people claimed “God has sent Trump to improve this world”. These supporters claimed to be trafficking children on a large scale. Also, said that government officials are secretly undermining Donald Trump’s agenda.

Such was the prediction of QAnon supporters

Let us know that QANon supporters were probably waiting for ‘that moment’ when a very big plan of God will come into force. They thought, the people in government and all the big shots in Hollywood, who they thought were secret members of the alleged satanic ring, will get exposed. And all this will happen before Joe Biden is sworn in.

As Biden goes to take the oath, President Donald Trump’s last plan will come into effect. But nothing like that happened, not so far. No storm or storm came. Trump went off to his villa in Florida. Biden became the President of the United States with the swearing-in of the Constitution, and not a single prophecy of QAnon supporters came true.

All this happened during Biden’s oath

Incidentally, when Biden was about to take the oath, there was an interesting stir among the Telegram group of one hundred and twenty-eight thousand strong QAnon supporters.

A supporter then wrote, “I am terrified, my stomach is hurting, but my faith is still intact.” Another supporter said, “Our children are constantly being mistreated. God will change everything in a moment”.

The third said, “Biden is now our President. Now it’s time for us to turn off our devices and return to reality”. He also said, “Whatever will happen when that happens, but right now I am logging out from all my social media accounts. Great fun guys, but unfortunately everything is over”.

Yes, everything is over now, at least for the time being.

QAnon supporters were accused of that violence

Let’s keep in our mind that during the violence in the Capitol Hill of America, the name of Qinon supporters was written in capital letters and the law charged these people for all this. They also accused Trump of leading them for all this trouble.

After this, Twitter had suspended about 70 thousand accounts, sharing content related to Qinon ideology. Trump’s Twitter account was also suspended. And most of these accounts were from American users, that called themselves Trump supporters.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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