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NFTs- The Unique Assets

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  • NFTs are unique digital cards designed especially for a purpose. These are either gifted or bought as souvenirs to celebrate a special moment/function. Two NFTs from a company's issue do not have the same attributes, they are unique and therefore not equal.

  • We can make the analogy with a collector's painting in real life: this one is unique. These collections can, however, be copied and reproduced in the physical world. Conversely, non-fungible tokens only exist in digital form through a unique and non-replicable token.

  • For instance, an NFT Crypto Token is a digital Coin, each of which is represented by a unique, non-replicable token, such as a card. As per my information, the most price a crypto token brought was 600 ETH associated with cards of football players.

  • That platform offered where football fans could buy the “crypto card” of their favorite footballers. At the start of the auction, players are worth between a few cents and several hundred euros, depending on their market odds.

  • These cards exist on the Ethereum blockchain with the licensing rights of the players' club. That was issued by a football association to players and fans. But one thing is for sure that buyers are willing to pay a high price because the concept of a single asset on a blockchain is attractive. The early adopters of this range of assets speculate on the rarity of the token as well as its unique attributes.

  • These NFTs provided directly from their issuers, on the platforms of the projects themselves. In this article, I will review some examples to make my point clear. These are getting popular by the day even if the cost is high and the gas fee is insane

  • Players/buyers could buy as many crypto cards (in the form of non-fungible tokens) as they wish to make up a football team. Each footballer has three types of cards: unique (one copy), super-rare (ten copies), and rare (one hundred copies).

  • Thanks to these cards, players can participate in the football championship organized every weekend, a bit like This particular platform provides special facilities like access to a gaming arena, in which you have to create your team with your crypto cards.

  • The idea of ​​the championship is to field the best possible team and score the most points based on player stats in real life. An ethers reward system is planned for the best players of each championship weekend.

  • The point of these cards is to have the unique digital property linked to a player during that season. Imagine buying Ronaldo or Zidane in 1988 when he was the AS Cannes player. This card was certainly of little value at the start of the season. Not only would he have been a very good player in your team, but you would have gained a certainly added value from the resale of this token a few years later.

The method of purchasing these NFTs is very simple:

For those of you without ether, packs are available for purchase with a few clicks with a credit card. For those of you who already have ethers, you also have the option to acquire NFTs Unit

All such platforms create cards for games and content, in the form of Contraction of Volume Elements, as 3D pixels, but on Ethereum. These platforms called User-Generated Content, where creations are imported in the form of non-fungible tokens, allowing the real property of the creators and the interoperability of their creations.

Once again, as you know that each of these Crypto Card is unique, with its own set of characters.


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Written by   26
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