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I recommend Bitcoin AS A Good Investment

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2 months ago

MicroStrategy Listed on Nasdaq

The largest privately-traded public-traded intelligence company, MicroStrategy, has again made a big investment in bitcoin. MicroStrategy's most expensive purchase of bitcoin. MicroStrategy has released a post on its website and detailed information about it. .

MicroStrategy has reported that the company has purchased a total of 19,452 bitcoins for $1.026 billion in cash at $ 52,765 per bitcoin. Now MicroStrategy has 90,531 bitcoins and has a total value of $ 2.171 billion. Is leading.

If we talk about the average price of bitcoin of MicroStrategy, the company has taken these 90,000 bitcoins for $ 23,985 per bitcoin. Today the price of bitcoin is running at 50 thousand dollars and according to this, the bitcoin investment of MicroStrategy gives two times the profit. MicroStrategy started investing in bitcoin last year.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael J Saylor said that our investment reflects our trust in bitcoin. Now we have 90 thousand bitcoins, it is the most accepted crypto in the world and the right storage of currency. I am sure they will continue to invest his additional funds in bitcoin on time, according to the condition of the market. He gave this information through tweets, now I am waiting for more of his tweets.

MicroStrategy today has a large share of the total availability of bitcoin. MicroStrategy has made this investment over a long period of time. Hopefully, the price of bitcoin can go up this year, and therefore MicroStrategy can use it whenever the bitcoin price goes down or up.

If there is an opportunity to invest, the company will definitely take advantage of that opportunity. After MicroStrategy, Tesla had also made a big investment in Cryptocurrencies. Big companies are investing big money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and it seems like crypto is attracting the attention of companies around the world.

In the coming days, I will not be surprised if more companies announce an investment in bitcoin and in such a situation, the price of bitcoin will go further up. People that invested at the right time stand to take advantage of correction. I suggest if you invest today, even if a little amount in selected cryptocurrencies, you stand to gain a good return in the coming years.


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Written by   26
2 months ago
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Every day more companies and wealthy people invest in bitcoin because the trust placed in this currency is compared to gold. I lean (due to the limited availability of money to invest) to smaller currencies with which I can build good capital as I learn about this wonderful virtual world

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2 months ago