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Google and Apple Say "Welldone Mate Joe Biden" Way to go

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3 months ago

Google and Apple are happy about the immigration reforms introduced by Joe. They feel these reforms will take some load off the UU professionals and will help the economy back to track.

Not Only these veteran IT companies such as Google Apple but other US business groups have also praised US President Joe Biden's immigration reforms. These reforms can open the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in America.

Here is what he said

The US President Joe Biden has sent the new immigration bill to Parliament proposing comprehensive reforms. These reforms can open the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in America. According to news agency PTI, veteran IT companies such as Google Apple, and other business groups in the US have praised Biden's immigration reforms.

Tim Cook praised this step

These companies are in the favor of this move saying this should boost the US economy. The move will create jobs in America that will attract the best talent around the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook praised President Biden's move, saying the effort would further strengthen the way American communities and countries have long drawn opportunities.

Sundar Pichai - The Google Chief

Pichai said the Google boss says he is willing to work and support Biden. Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted and praised Biden's decisions on Kovid relief, Paris climate agreement and immigration reform. India-born Pichai said that Google supports the steps taken by the Biden government on these burning issues. Google is willing to work with the Biden government to make it easier for the US to recover.

This is a big move for IT professionals

Jason Oxman, CEO, and President of the Information Technology Industry Council said the new government's action plan included important steps such as immigration reforms. Actually, world-class American companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft hire a large number of IT professionals from countries like India and China. The Biden government's move is believed to open the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in America.

They intend to give legal status

The new immigration bill proposes to grant citizenship and legal status to thousands of refugees deprived of documents. Not only this, it has been said to make extensive changes in the existing system including reducing the waiting time of the families sitting in wait for the green card. On the other hand, another report by news agency PTI said that five lakh Indians could also benefit from Biden's immigration reforms.

Many countries will get the benefit

The bill, named the US Citizenship Act of 2021, proposes to modernize the immigration system. Also, there is a proposal to abolish the quota set for every country for green cards. According to an estimate, about 11 million people live in the US without any documents. There were five hundred thousand Indians among the 1.1 million people waiting for this move in the US. With the enactment of the new law, such people can find a way to get citizenship.

Good job mate Joe, maybe one day I will find a place in your cyber city too!


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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