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Covid 19-Germany And Israel Facing On Two Totally Different Fronts

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3 months ago

To curb the growing cases of the Coronavirus, there is now a demand to ban air travel in Germany. The only MP from Germany to raise this demand. They believe it has become extremely important to consider stopping air travel because of Corona Virus coming in various forms and its frequent mutations. The government should think about it quickly and take a decision.

Travel Ban

However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not thinking to ban travel despite the pressure she is facing from various quarters. This information came from home minister Horst Lorenz Seehofer. He says that the Chancellor is not in favor of a travel ban and he also said that Merkel has asked all the heads of the states to look into all the measures that can be taken to control the increasing cases of corona in the country.

Actually, Germany is at number six in the list of corona infections spread in the European countries. Germany comes after Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Britain on the European list. Let’s take into account that Israel has banned all air travel to keep control of the corona. Meanwhile, some other countries of Europe have also taken similar precautionary measures.

Let me also tell you here that despite the Corona vaccine, an increasing number of cases has caused concern. The opposition is asking questions and priorities of the government and the people at the helm. As per reports, a social media post has gone viral, which is yet another cause of tremors in political fields.

Actually, this is all about ten people who died in the recent past after taking the COVID vaccine in Germany, so this made it a serious matter of concern. This post as reported gone viral in many countries on Facebook.

Fake news

It was also said that this vaccine is dangerous and not yet safe to control the virus so far. According to a spokesperson from Germany, Paul Ehrlich said that there have been 21 deaths in Germany since December 2020. But none of these deaths were related to or caused by the Kovid-19 vaccine.

He also said that this post is not only misleading the people but spreading the fake sense in people’s minds. According to Paul, there is no connection between these deaths and the vaccine. By the way, he provided this information to the general media that I have access to.

While giving information about the growing cases of corona in the country, the health minister of the country has said that about 3 million doses of the vaccine of British company AstraZeneca will reach Germany by February 2021.

He says that “We have delayed it for some time because of delay in vaccine production by the company, but not stopped by German government”. He says the company has also informed officials of the European Union all about this so there is nothing to worry about this.

According to the spokesperson, in the first quarter of this year, the company will deliver about 60 percent of the total dose. Incidentally, the number of cases of corona infection in Germany has reached over 2,170,750 while 54,500 patients have died.

Israel has completed 85% of vaccination

Meanwhile, Israel has vaccinated 82 percent of its population to protect against the COVID 19 epidemic. It aims to immunize 95% of its population. But the main reason of concern is the way coronavirus is changing, which is appearing in forms.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this at the online conference of the World Economic Forum, “we are fighting a battle between vaccination and virus itself. We can’t say how long it will take to succeed or control the COVID epidemic but we’ll do it in the end”.

He also said that there are general concerns, but they are ready to face them. Netanyahu said, “We were able to vaccinate people in such a large number because Israel bought the vaccine in large quantities much in advance.” He said we were in touch with various companies making this vaccine and he used to talk to the top officials of Pfizer five times a day.

Israel has also bought the vaccine of Moderna Company of America. Israel is probably the first country to have completed vaccination of 85 percent of its population and that too so quickly.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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