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Children have had enough in 2020- Handle them with care in 2021

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3 months ago

Wow, last year was definitely for the books depending on where you live in the world! 2020 meant you young guys likely experienced weeks or even months of homeschooling!

But whoever saw that coming? By the way, you are not alone, but even the adults like me were working from home. And this is for parents! Are you worried about how the school year ahead might pan out, and how to help your children be prepared?

We have been on high alert for almost one year now, thanks to COVID-19, and worried about our health as well as our mental wellbeing. Regardless of what the year 2020 was like for you and for your children, since nobody was unaffected.

And even though the new year often signifies a fresh start, it’s important to be aware of something called the “anniversary effect”, where unsettling thoughts feeling occur on the anniversary of a significant experience.

Given the fact that the school year experience was interrupted quite early in 2020 for most children in the world, and the concern that it will happen again may be present and real for children in most parts of the world at this time of the year.

Plus there is also simply the fact that what was a different and even trying school year for many children world over, they have hopefully gone on to enjoy relatively carefree school holidays.

However, wrangling them back to school uniform and back into schoolwork again to start the new school year in will be more of a challenge in 2021 than usual.

Look at the warning signs

When it comes to recognizing your children may be more worried than usual about the new school year, watch out for changes in their behavior. Rather than verbalizing what they’re feeling or concerned about, children often express themselves behaviorally when they’re worried or anxious.

For example, they might get upset or angry more often or more easily than usual, or you may notice they’re reluctant, or even unwilling, to try new things. The signs can also be physical.

Positive Learning

There is no way of predicting exactly how the school year will unfold, but there are ways to set your kids up for a successful learning experience. I will suggest trying these three things

Focus on what they are good at- Children tend to think they have to be good at everything and if they’re not, they’re not smart. As adults, we know that’s not true, so rather than putting the emphasis on the areas that kids struggle and with and trying to fix that zero in on what they do better so focus on that.

Use their strength to advantage- Once you have identified your child’s learning strengths, use them to help broaden their horizons. For example, they might love reading and engage with stories and tales.

By sharing stories about famous scientists and amazing discoveries, you might inspire them to want to learn more about science. When you start with what they’re good at, they become inspired because early success breeds success.

Encourage passion projects- Your kids need you to be parents, and parents’ job is to help them feel inspired by the life and empowered by their own smarts and ability to learn new things. Ask them what they want to learn about, and regardless of whether that’s dinosaurs or how to make authentic pizza help make that happen for them.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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Actually, my children are not worried at all. They prefer homeschooling far above visiting school. The only thing they worry about is the slow internet connection.

With us, there's a lot of blah blah about how the children feel and I like to change that subject for a change. How do the elderly feel while the children still go out, visit school, see their friends, dominate at home, demonstrate etcetera and the elderly are locked in for over a year? Let's change this and do it the other way round. Let the elderly who fought wars, build the country and made all this luxury come true enjoy their last year's. Those youngsters have plenty of time left.

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3 months ago

We have very little problem on this front. We are probably the safest country at the moment due to our alert government that took proper steps at right time. But I agree with you about elderly people.

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3 months ago

I don't know where you live and I have strong doubts a government can act in the right way. A virus doesn't care about borders. What can make a huge difference is overpopulation something we see with the animals kept too. The vaccine will not save us, and I agree with those doctors it's not different from influenza.

Saying people died of the coronavirus while they have cancer, have a heart attack, damaged liver etc is also not done.

I am interested to hear how many people are not sick. I assume in 10-20 years we will hear the real reason about starting this crisis and spreading fear.

No one stays away from someone with influenza and now we develop a phobia and blame family and neighbours if they are positive? 🤔

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3 months ago

I live in the Australian Capital which is relatively safe or should I say safest of all the cities in the world right now. As far as population we are the lowest populated country given the area size we have at our disposal.

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3 months ago