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Adventure Traveling a way of Joy And Happiness

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3 months ago

There is an interesting book written by famous traveler duo Rick Foster and Greg Hicks the writers of, “How We Choose to Be Happy: The 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People Their Secrets, Their Stories” (The book is available on

Actually, they discovered during their world tour that to stay happy a person does not need to be from a rich background or he should be well off in social circles but it all depends on how he reacts in an odd situation.

The source of happiness is right within us, and we are lucky that the number of people who know this is increasing constantly.

People like me who prefer adventure travel and sports to nightlife are increasing in the world at a rapid rate.

People like me are planning to go for adventure sports, white river rafting, water surfing, trekking and exploring unknown places. I go to places on weekends with family and friends and take enjoy as much as we can.

We are lucky in the sense that this world is full of places that provide such opportunities in every part of the world. For instance, we have hundreds of trekking and adventure possibilities in our nearby areas.

A number of mountains, forests, rivers oceans provide facilities of snow-clad hilltops in Himalaya, the adventures trekking in Leh and Ladakh, wonderful beaches in Goa, Kerala, Orissa Andhra, and Tamil Nadu.

We have wonderful adventure destinations in Sikkim, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Andaman & Nicobar.

For me, Uttarakhand, the Himalayan state is one of the best travel destinations in India having wonderful facilities including the adventure and nature travel possibilities with Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri in this Indiana State.


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