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Eating healthy and staying fit.

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10 months ago

Eating healthy should be done everyday by everyone and avoiding junk food and especially sugar related food with high sugar intake is the best for us, today this article is about eating healthy and staying in a good shape.

Staying in a good shape means working out and going to the gym or simply working out at home with your room comfort and house environment. if you purchase some equipment for working out and building your body and staying healthy and fresh, staying in a good shape requires you to eat nice food that are high in protein and other type of food that we will mention. Exercising or running can also be very good for our general health and building your stamina as well as taking fresh air outside. Running is generally considered to be amazing or jogging especially and can improve heart health including in old people and anyone that is working out in general and is good for your legs because it improves your ability to hold your body weight in a better way. Playing some sort of sports is also great including football or basketball for our general health and to stay fit, and is a type of workout without actually going to the gym, which also builds muscles.

Food types to eat to stay healthy

Some food types to be eaten to stay in a healthy shape and have a good health that are also important while working out are, chicken, beef, eggs, and other types of meat, vegetables such as spinach and dandelion leaves, greens, beans, lentil, and some types of fruits like oranges, apples and bananas.

While or while not working out you need to have a lot of protein and mostly all your vitamins and iron including magnesium to stay in a good shape and a good health.

Reduce sugar intake or coca cola for example that has a lot of sugar and caffeine in it and can be really bad for you because it has a lot of acid , the same goes for other beverages that are having a lot of sugar and acid or caffeine. Having a lot of acid related drinks can be very bad for your teeth and your stomach too. Coca-Cola was first invented with a different purpose as a patent medicine.

Types of workout

Working out can be very challenging and hard if you are a beginner but once you get used to it you will feel like it's a piece of cake. Some exercises include

Push ups, that help you maintain your body strength and improve it, and of course other purposes.
Lifting weights which is really good for building muscles and is quite fun and challenging at first and in the long run because you will be having more Kilograms to lift and that's a fun thing to do and watch your improvement.
Jogging on a treadmill or outside which are both a good idea and can keep your heart better and will provide you with burnt calories if you are dieting.
Squats are also very important and very hard to do at first if you are a beginner but they tend to be easier with time and they are very good for your body and legs, and one of the main exercises to do while working out.

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Stay happy and healthy.

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Written by   6
10 months ago
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Some people mistake building muscle with living healthy. They are just totally different. Nice writet up

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10 months ago