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Tiger'S Mistake!

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6 months ago

A crispy Story that can refresh your mind, Iam sure! Then Ok just read below,,

Long,,long ago there was a forest and the King is Tiger 🐯, It has a CubπŸ…. Due to over caring the Cub πŸ… became mischievous. The CubπŸ… used to scare other animals and play voilent games with them and this has become a habit for him.

One day Cub is trying to play games with Snake 🐍. To save herself the Snake 🐍 bites the Cub πŸ…. Due Cub πŸ… fell down with foam from his mouth. By seeing this a Monkey 🐡 brought remedy for poison and saves Cub'sπŸ…life. After Cub πŸ… recovered Monkey 🐡 took him near to Tiger 🐯.

King Tiger 🐯 has known the incident what happened and he was angry on the Snake 🐍. He thought to kill the Snake 🐍. But it did not find Snake 🐍 anywhere. So he ordered Mongoose πŸ¦” in the forest 🏞️ to kill entire race of Snake's. By seeing the angry of King Tiger 🐯 an Elephant 🐘,,

Elephant 🐘: My dear King! Get calm down! If we make our forest 🏞️ without Snake's then it will be difficult to us only,,(Tried to settle the problem).

King Tiger🐯: ( But Tiger 🐯 did not listen the minister Elephant 🐘 words and started killing Snake's with help of Mongoose πŸ¦”. By this half of the Snakes died and rest left the forest 🏞️).

As the days passed the population of Rats πŸ€ and Pigs πŸ– increased. The Rats πŸ€ started biting the roots of plants, By this many animals and birds are suffering from lack of food. But not stopping with this Rats πŸ€ are making holes in entire forest and making forest 🏞️ untidy. This made King Tiger 🐯 havoc! So he called minister Elephant 🐘 and asked the solution for this problem

Elephant 🐘: Dear King! These are the consequences due to lack of Snake's only.

King Tiger🐯: But! How ??

Elephant 🐘:King Tiger! Rats πŸ€ are main source of food for Snakes. As long as we had Snake's in our forest 🏞️ we never had this problem with Rats πŸ€. When we started killing Snake's then only Rats πŸ€ population increased and started all this havoc. If we want to be happy like earlier we should include Snakes. On that day the mistake was with our Cub πŸ… only. By his mischievous behaviour entire animals are facing problems.( Said this politely to king Tiger 🐯).

King Tiger: ( Then he realised the mistake of his Cub πŸ… and controlled him and again welcomed the Snakes into forest).

After some days the problem got solved itself..

The above content is πŸ’― from my Pen of inspiration,,,#SunilVision

Photograph: Clock tower in my town,(No filters used).


( My Stories).

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Written by Β Β 5
6 months ago
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