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Our Help-Always Returns!

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7 months ago

John 🧑‍🦱,Tom🧑‍🦲 are the sons of king's have completed their education in a University. Before sending them to their kingdoms the Dean 🤵of the University had decided to test their knowledge by small practical examination.

Dean🤵: My dear students! From here 50km away there are caves, In a cave there one Diamond 💎. Who brings first the diamond he is winner 🏆.

By listening this the sons of king's started in search of caves. In the way they saw a person who is badly injured. Tom🧑‍🦲passed away as it will be late. But John🧑‍🦱 waited there and enquired about the person and did what he can do, after sometime when the person recovered the he(John) started again,

By travelling some distance the villagers near to forest arrested Tom🧑‍🦲and he was prisioned. But John🧑‍🦱talked with them friendly and made Tom🧑‍🦲to release and the villagers also took John🧑‍🦱near to cave and handover the Diamond 💎 also,

Tom🧑‍🦲: ( Didn't understand how this all possible by John🧑‍🦱 and asked) O! My dear friend How did you handled the villagers?

John 🧑‍🦱: The person whom I helped on the way was injured by the villagers only. And he said me some tips how to handle the villagers. By his information I made this possible and get the Diamond 💎 also.

When we help anyone then it will returns in any other way.

The above content is 💯 from my Pen of inspiration,,,#SunilVision

Photograph: Rose flower from my terrace garden, Shot by One plus Nord (No filters used).


(My Creative Contents).

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That was beautiful, Sunil!

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7 months ago

Iam glad that you liked it ! How is present climate over there?

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7 months ago

Cool story Sunil!

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7 months ago