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Married Women have much more Stress than Single Mothers

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1 month ago

There are some scientific studies about stress that different women have, and thez are showing that women that are married have much more stress than single mothers.

Many women told that their husbands are much more annoying then their children. And, here we are not talking about stress that is caused by the divorce or domestic violence. We are talking about everyday stress that women are having in everyday situations. What is horrible about this is that this is not something what is not usual, this is happening to women, every single day. Stress is a part of their life, of their routine.

I will now put here a list of three things that are biggest stressors, and I will also share the possible solution for every of them.

Husband is acting like a child

I am pretty sure that most of you have heard at least one woman saying that her husband is not much different from her children.

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Many men are not as serious as they should be in many situations. For example, when it comes to upbringing children, they are not strict enough. Of course, violence is not solution for everything, and I am not talking about physical punishment here. But, sometimes, children have to have some kind of say, and that should be their parents. But, that is where fathers do not play their role well enough. They act like they are freind to their child, and that is how woman comes to situation where she has for example seven year odl boy, and for example 35 year old husband, acting like he is 7 years old.

What can be done about this?

If a woman is in this situation, she has to talk to her husband. She has to explain to him, that they have to take upbringing like a mission that they have to fulfill together. So, if mother says that child can not do something, father has to support her. If father wants something from child, for example father wants child to take care of the pet, mother has to support him about that.

Also, you have to share care. When I say this I mean, child does not have to be with both parents all the time. This will help child to make good connections with both parents, but also will help the father to became more responsible. When mother is not around, he will have to be less childish, and he will have to take good care of children.

Women have a lot of work to do in their home

Women have to make breakfast, to wash the dishes, to make lunch, to wash the dishes, to make dinner, to wahs the dishes, to wash windows and floors, to clean everything,t o take out the trash... and many, many other things. Every single day.

Many men think tha they should not be doing anything in the house, the think that all those things are just for women, and that women have to do all of that, no matter how tired they are, no matter how much they are working at their real job, no matter how much time they are spending with children.


In my opinion, this is one kind of domestic violence. Not the real violence, but some kind of it. It is big pressure for women, they know that they have to do all of that. And, if you think about that, you can watch it as a way of violence.

What can be done about this?

Simply, do not do all those things that you have to do in your home. Because you do not have to. I mean, you have to clean your house, but it is not only your house, you do not live alone, and people, your husband before all, has to do all those things just as much as you have to.

So, if you are tired, if you are not in the mood for doing things in your home. Do not. Just do not. Dishes have to be washed, floor has to be cleaned, dinner has to be made, but you are not the one who has to do that.

So, explain to your husband that you do not have to do everything in your home, and if he do not understand that, stop doing what you were doing, so he will have to do those things, and he will see that it is not that easy as he was thinking it is.

Women feel guilty, and they do not have free time

Women feel like they have to do sometihng all the time. Children, job, cooking, cleaning... there is always something what woman can do, and society is making women feel guilty, if they are not doing anything.

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Women cannot rest, cannot do things that they love, for themselves. And, that is not good at all. This also can be seen as a way of violence against women. Women do not have to do something all the time, and they deserve to have free time.

What can be done about this?

Just one thing. Women have to know, have to realize that they deserve free time. They deserve rest. They deserve to do things they love.

Women need to respect themsleves more. Of course, not all the women, but those, who have this problem. It is important to realize that you are important and that you deserve all the respect that you are giving to other people.

I hope that this article helped someone.

And, I would love to know what do you think about this.

See you very, very soon.\



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Written by   154
1 month ago
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