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Every Girl is a Doll...

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7 months ago

... either a Barbie or Anabelle.

It only depends on you, and how you behave with them.

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Today, I would love to talk a bit about women, and how do they behave and on what that behavior depends. Well, behavior depends on behavior.

That is very simple. I am hearing many men talking about women like they are something evil, dangerous...

That is not true.

Every single woman has a good side. (Of course there are bad people, and that is not depending on grender. Some people are just evil. Here we are talking about good women.)

Every woman also has a bad side.


Sometimes, women are hurt, sometimes they are not just hurt,they are also betrayed. By someone, who they believed and who they loved. Maybe, they still love that person.

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I am not trying to say that woman are sometimes bad just because of men. Woman can be betrayed by another woman. Mother, sister, friend...

That is when she will become Anabelle. That is when she will do anything in order to revenge to someone, who hurt her.

Hurt woman can do anything. She can hurt, she can leave, she can leave when she should help...

That is why we have all those stories about evil woman, about woman who are doing horrible things, who are not taking care of anything and anyone...

But why?

All those things that women are doing when they are hurt, are just their reactions. Someones, they are too strong, sometimes, women should not do that, sometimes they are making a lot of damage. And, many times, they are sorry later, but when you do something, you cannot correct it in the future. Regreting is not helping when it comes to point where you realize that you should not have done something.

My advice to every woman is to do not let yourself ever become an Anabelle. Of course, you do not have to be a Barbie doll made out of plastic and you do not have to look perfect all the time. But, do not let yourself be an evil witch, you should not let yourself be evil, ever.

Not because of other people, maybe they even deserve it, but because of yourself, you deserve to be calm. You deserve peace in your soul and in your mind.

Revenge will maybe destory your enemies, but it will destroy your for sure. Your soul and your mind will be in not very good state, if you put all your efforts into making revenges for people who hurt you.

What you sohuld do it to leave. Just turn around and leave. Do not revenge, just leave and do not come back ever.

Being an Anabelle will make people be avare and afraid of you, and that is not what you want.

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Written by   151
7 months ago
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