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A Hero or a Thief?

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8 months ago

Here is one more of my article form series "A hero or a...". My previous one was A Hero or a Spy, and you can see it by simple clicking on the link. I hope that you will like it. And, I hope that you will also like this one, that I am writing now.

Now, I would love to talk about one man, who was very popular in North America during 1933. and 1934., and he is still popular. He is still popular, because his life was impressive, he was doing things that people in that period liked, because of the whole situation. During the prohibiton in America people were not loving rich people, banks, and the system. They were against the country, but most of them were not brave enough to do anything against the country.

Credits: Ati

But, some people were. One of them is John Herbert Dillinger. He was robbing banks during 1933. and 1934. He escaped from prison and he lost his life in a fight with agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was a child of a German farmer, who was living in America. He was born on 22nc of June in 1903. And till 1924. he was living a normal life. No problems. In 1924. he ended up in jail and that is where his problems started. He was convicted to spend between 10 and 20 years in prison, and for him that was horrible.

Many people, still think that this sentence was too strict.

He was a good boy in jail and because of that his sentence was corrected to 9 years. But, 9 years was enough for him to decide what he is going to be in his life.

John was very popular because of crisis. Copuntry, whole country was in a crisis, banks had money, and people had nothing, even the prohibition was there to make them be even more mad. John was taking money from banks, he was taking from those who were taking from people, at least people were thinking that. That is the main reason why people loved and supported them.

Source: NPR

On the one hand, I totally understand them. On the other hand, he was committing crimes. Robbering banks is not something what you should be doing. We need to confess that.

Taking something, what is not yours is just not good. No matter will you end up in jail or no. That is not okay, you should not be doing that. But, what if you are taking from those who have a lot, and who took that from those who have almost nothing?

That is always a 'what if', there is always a reason for and reason against.

I will not tell you here is he one thing or another. In the previous part of this serial, I told what I think, now I do not know what I should think about this man.

There are always some criminals that are popular because of something. John was one of them, and I would love to know what do you think about him.

And, yes there is a great movie from 2009. called Public Enemy. Johnny Depp is playing main role, Dillinger, and the movie is fantastic.

Source: The Times

See you very soon with new articles and new part 'A hero or a...' will be among them.

Stay safe!



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Written by   154
8 months ago
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