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No Means No(stop_rape)

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2 years ago

Assalamualikum everyone

How are you all?

It's me @Sumi_kaisar once again.

Hopefully everyone well by the grace of Almighty.

But i am not good i feel really very bad. Because the situation of my country was not good.

That's why, Today I have come to say something about some perverted minded people.

So Let's do it,

We are all aware of the current state of our country. It is not that no one knows that there has been a major epidemic in our country, Corona . which is an epidemic called rape. You can understand that this epidemic is spreading in our favorite golden Bangladesh by looking at the pictures below.

O women, Allah has sent us weaker than our sons. But that doesn't mean we're going to use whatever we can get our hands on. This is how a girl is raped by some people and when her family demands justice for it, they hear that it has happened because of your dress. You are the culprits.

We do not want a Bangladesh that is not. We want Sheikh Hasina's Bangladesh to be a listening Bangladesh. That is why our esteemed government has directed Sheikh Hasina to make the law against rape as strict as possible.

I am very grateful to him for this.

But my main point is that some people of nature are saying that girls are responsible for raping girls. I do not agree with this.

A dress can never be responsible for rape, if that is the case then you can see for yourself in the pictures above why and for what reason so many girls have been raped.

We can see that they are not leaving the little ignorant children. I mean if the clothes were the cause of the rape then what were those little children wearing then.We should be ashamed that while some people are protesting in the streets demanding the punishment of these vampires, some educated idiots are trying to confuse the government by blaming girls in various ways.

We all know that clothing can never be the cause of rape.

So we have to change our mindset, we have to understand which society we really belong to.

At the end of the day, I would like to say that the rapists should be given appropriate punishment without any help.









🌱stay home, stay safe🌱

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Written by   126
2 years ago
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